(ICE)Storm of the Century.

The following photos are of an ice storm that hit the area of Lake Léman (also known as Lake Geneva), Switzerland.

The cold did not save sailing ships moored in the ports of Léman. In Geneva, several boats sank under the weight of the ice. Several minor roads were closed, passage having been made impossible by the ice and the snowdrifts. In downtown Geneva, Servette Street was closed after the rupture of a water pipeline transformed the roadway into a true skating rink.

I wonder how long it took these people to get into their vehicles? How many hours in 50° weather would it take for the ice to melt enough to be able to get into your vehicle?

Those trees must be pretty tough also. A minor ice storm where I live will bring the trees tumbling to the ground. These trees look none the worse for wear though.


versoix-4 ice-storm-on-lake-geneva Ice1 120207_switzerland_ice

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