K92 Radio Secret Sound #5

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Here we go again with another round of secret sound.

This is the 5th one so far this summer that K92 has done. The previous secret sound winner received over $4,400. Congrats to her!


I will update this post with clues every couple of days, as I get them.

Good luck all of you secret sound players!

1. A Snappy Tune
2. This sound has two parts
3. They are afraid of Him
4. Tom used to be on top
5. Available in 29 states <– PowerBall Lottery (thanks ace2o0l!)
6. Barry Bonds book
7. Barkley and Rodman <– Power Forwards
8. Bon Jovi alcoholic <– Bon Jovi plays an alcoholic in “Pay it Forward” (thanks ace2o0l!)
9. The spam some people love <– Spam food (wikipedia link about spam–lots of variables).
10. Nintendo Magazine <– Nintendo “Power”
11. Bird and Malone <– Power Forwards
12. Not a window or a mirror <– You can see your reflection in a window and a mirror. You can also see your reflection in water, which is not listed here.

Updated 6-22-07

The winning guess was “A Power Car Seat Moving Forward”

16 thoughts on “K92 Radio Secret Sound #5”

  1. I think my husband just figured out the sounds with the clues – i hope so anyway now i need to be caller 19!

  2. I have luck from a land line but none on my cell, but thats why im going to be open about what I think it is… “Someone inserting a dollar into an atm (or similar machine);it rejecting it & spitting it back out” What do you guys think?

  3. 8. Bon Jovi alcoholic (bon jovi plays an alcoholic in “Pay it Forward” maybe another “power forward” clue)

  4. glad to share my input since you’re sharing all the clues since I miss a lot of them while I’m at work 😀

  5. On contest #4, we had a lot of clues and a lot of suggestions.

    It’s good to be able to collaborate on things like this. I enjoy it!

    I added a link to clue #9 “The Spam some people love”.

  6. I was kinda upset that someone already got this one but I’m at least pleased with myself that I interpreted most of the clues correctly. I really like this thread though. We should definitely keep it going for the next sound. I’ll be happy to continue giving my input on the clues.

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