Man pays his electric bill with 290 lbs. of pennies.

PenniesMan sending 52,662 pennies to protest electric bill rate increase.

A man who’s fed up with higher electric rates has come up with a way to show his displeasure while paying his bill.

Robert Hancock says his monthly power bill jumped nearly 200 percent, to $526.62. So he’s going to send Ameren 52,662 pennies.

Hancock says he’s worked things out with a local bank to get the coins and with the post office to mail the money. It will cost about $50 extra for postage, but Hancock says that if he can cause Ameren a little inconvenience, it’s worth it to him.

Now for the math…

A penny weighs approximately 2.5 grams.

2.5 * 52,662 = 131,655 grams

There are 454 grams in a pound so:

131,655 / 454 = 290 lbs.

Imagine the face of the person who opens the package! I hope that he sends them loose. Being wrapped would defeat the whole purpose.

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