Mormon Underwear

mormon underwearSomething I found rather strange was brought to my attention today. Folks of the Mormon religion wear a special kind of underwear.

Garments are a symbolic gesture of the promises that Mormons have made to God. The garment is always worn under other clothing, next to the skin. In fact, for most people who wear it, the garment takes the place of regular underwear. Mormons begin wearing it during their first visit to the temple, wherein they receive individual instruction on how the garment should be worn and cared for, and furthermore, they undergo a sacred ceremony called the temple endowment. Solely during this ritual, additional special clothing is put on; by contrast, the garment or special underwear is worn at all times, both day and night, from then on. It serves as a constant reminder of the covenants made during the temple endowment.

I grew up in a Baptist / Pentecostal family, so I have seen my share of things that I now consider to be somewhat strange, but I’m pretty sure that my parents wore regular underwear. I wonder what they would do if they took a vacation to somewhere like the Outer Banks? Would they wear their regular Mormon clothes, or would they dress appropriately for the beach? Does their religion even allow them to take a vacation like that?

Funny thing, religion. So many different beliefs and views, and the cause of so many conflicts. Something that is supposed to teach us to be nice often does just the opposite.

I still attend my parents church occasionally just to see if anything has changed over the years. The names and faces have changed, but the primary teaching is still the same: Pay your tithes, dislike gay people, and don’t masturbate still seems to be the big three.

8 thoughts on “Mormon Underwear”

  1. Jewish and Muslim people also have special clothing they wear. So does almost every religious leader. Think about how funny the Catholic pope looks in his dresses. What’s the big dif? Why is it any of your anyone’s buisiness what type of underwear people wear? I bet to Mormons old tidy-whities look silly!

  2. Zoroastrians also wear special undergarments too, it realy isn’t as strange as it seems as Cynthia says many faiths do and many faiths have what look like even stranger practices.

    I think because the western world is so christianised, anything that is not in the mainstream christian belife system is found to be strange even for Non christians because that is the main faith they have been surrounded by.

  3. Amish/Mennonites wear special clothing too. I’ve seen Amish/Mennonite women, hats and all, walking on the beach.
    I would probably like your parents church. We moved to OBX NC, from
    WV, 13 years ago and cannot find a church that has the same beliefs. There are many variations of the Christian religion that this country was founded on. One small bit of doctrine is all that separates many churches.

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