My Dog The Theif

4:30 this morning I go to get in my car to head off to work. The motion light kicks on and my front yard looks trashed. Looking closer I see its not trash but belongings, and my dog, sitting there as proud as he could be. I don’t know what in the hell got into him last night but he managed to collect: 3 different flip flops, a welcome mat, a 2 gallon. watering can, a step stool, a reebok, a can of carburetor cleaner, 2 newspapers, a little yard sign saying welcome, a bicycle pump, a quart of power steering fluid, liquid adhesive remover, a spray gun for the hose, an ash tray, a cane, charcoal lighter fluid and a handful of other things that I can’t quite remember. In a hurry I toss everything in the garage, thinking I hope nobody drove by and saw something of theirs on my lawn. Now I don’t know If I should make a little sign and put this stuff on my driveway or toss it?

What would you do? I’m thinking of putting the stuff out so the owners can claim it. For the most part this stuff doesn’t appear as garbage. The little welcome sign still has dirt on the stake. This is the first time my pooch has ever done anything like this. If he does it again, I am legally changing his name to Klepto.

5 thoughts on “My Dog The Theif”

  1. If I were to leave my dog out, this sounds exactly like something he would do.

    I am semi-amazed at the originality, the scrounging, and the eclectic taste of your pooch.

    What a dawg!

  2. You have an awesome dog. I have heard of dogs doing this before though. You should just put a sign up saying my dog has taken stuff, claim what is yours, kind of thing. Throwing it in the trash is not the right thing to do, i feel. But then again some people are going to get suspicious you took it on purpose. But its a funny thing, your dog seems so cool. :mrgreen:

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