Nothing Says It All

I laughed very hard at this:

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Click it to read it.

And here is another review (for a simple 2 gallon bucket) from the same guy:

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Bucket Changed My Life!!!, May 13, 2003

The highly versatile Dover Parkerburg 610 2- Gallon Galvanized Metal Water Bucket was recommended to me by my neighbor Jim Anchower. Jim is something of an amateur consumer products testing buff and assured me that when it came to galvanized buckets the Dover Parkersburg reigns supreme! Jim had previously turned me on to the the Swiffer WetJet Mop Total Cleaning System and the Hoover Quik-Broom S2561 so I knew he wouldn’t [mess] around when it came to my metal bucket needs.
At first glance the Dover Parkerburg 610 is clearly a step above the competition, the smooth galvanized exterior is indicative of the more modern electrocoat process which produces much less surface bubbling and insures a uniform surface. Jagged Edges? Not on this baby! I may even try to get cheaper life insurance rates due to the dull edges. Also of note are the two horizontal ripples which are placed 6 inches from the base. A simple structural analysis and crush test showed the slight corragative additions to be more than simple decorations, they actually produce an increase in tensile strength of 35.8% when compared to smooth walled galvanized buckets of the same carrying capacity.
Although I have used the Dover Parkerburg less since installing our new fangled “Water Closet”, I display it with pride, knowing that I own the best 2 gallon galvanized bucket in town.

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