Oh Noes!

This can’t be happening!!

I had movies due out today, but I never checked my que over the weekend to update which ones I wanted. AACCK!

Oh it had better be working tonight so I can stream a few more episodes of Heroes!!



Apparently the news about Netflix Stock reported to push the $40 mark in the coming days has doomed the website. Good news for stockholders, sad for us who needed to update our que first thing this morning.

Update#2: It’s late, and still not up so no Heroes for me. Looks like I am stuck installing new bathroom fixtures for the wife. 🙁

Update#3: 3-25-08 Netflix is back up, but it seems to be limping. When the user base becomes active again this mornig, it will be interesting to see how well it hold up.

3 thoughts on “Oh Noes!”

  1. That’s terrible. I have 2 disks of Lost sitting here that I still haven’t watched. That’s why I love the no late fees from Netflix….but still I gotta get my money’s worth. I hope the site is up to full speed soon!

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