Online Checking Accounts

Are you the digital age type of person that does all your banking online? Do you have several checking accounts, or just one? Some people I know have more than one account. They have their “bills” account, and the other account is the “toy” account. The accounts are usually kept at separate banks as well. That way you have two entirely different account and routing numbers. Not a terribly bad idea.

Finding a place to open an account is no problem either. There are a lot of banks online and you can open an account with a few shakes of your mouse tail. One such place is WaMu (Washington Mutual.) You can open a checking account with them for as little as one dollar. You also get a Debit Card, Free Checks, and access to online banking.

So if your looking to open another checking account WaMu could be a good place to start.

The more I think about this, the more I am beginning to  like the idea of doing this myself. Suppose someone gets your bank info and they wipe you out. You’re left with nothing, nada. If you had two separate accounts, at least the money in one of them would be safe, and you wouldn’t be completely broke.

The more you know…

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