Orgasmic Childbirth

Pregnant lady

“I had been told to expect a ‘dogging pain,’ but was unprepared for the sensation of sexual ecstasy, the voluptuous feeling of penetration….Crouched on my knees on the little afghan, I caught the infant who rushed from my vagina into the small world between my legs, in the midst of an extraordinary orgasm from the inside out.”
-From They Don’t Call it a Peak Experience for Nothing, by Ruth Claire(Mothering, Fall 1989)

“I feel the baby come down. The sensation is ecstatic. I had prepared somewhat for this being as painful as my last delivery had been. Yet this time the pulse of birth feels wonderful! I am building up to the birth climax after nine months of pleasurable foreplay. With one push the babe is in the canal. THE NEXT PUSH BRINGS HIM DOWN, DOWN INTO THAT SPACE JUST BEFORE ORGASM WHEN WE WOMEN KNOW HOW GOD MUST HAVE FELT CREATING THIS PLANET….HE COMES, AS DO I.”
-From Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth, by Jeannine Parvati Baker

See for yourself….

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