Pink Floyd’s Missing Giant Pig Has Been Found

Pink Floyd's pig foundA giant inflatable pig that went missing from a Southern California music festival at the weekend has been found in tatters in a desert town.

The pig, which has been a signature Pink Floyd stage prop since its appearance on the 1977 cover of “Animals” and the song “Pigs on Wings,” broke away from its tethers on Sunday night at Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival.

The festival organizers offered a $10,000 reward for the two-story inflatable pig belonging to ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters.

Two couples said on Wednesday they had found the shredded plastic remains of the pig outside their homes.

One thought on “Pink Floyd’s Missing Giant Pig Has Been Found”

  1. Well, thats not good news. But I think reward is too small for that giant elephant….
    Anyways I love pink Floyd and if the elephant is missing, somebody but have big house or room to place it. But why would any1 wanna steal it.

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