Pizza! Pizza!

The wife and I went to dinner tonight one of the local pizza restaurants in town and was seated next a table with 2 women and 3 older men.

I guess something happened with their order because the lady was making a huge fuss about having too much sauce on the pizza. She got pissy with the owner and was being a bitch to one of the waitresses while her (I think) husband was saying it was fine with him and everything was alright. Eventually she stormed off (probably to go take some alli) and refused to wait another 15 – 20 minutes for another pizza that was correct by her standards. She basically made an ass of herself and her party she was with.

This leads me to wonder, how could somebody act like this over something so minuscule?

I can honestly say that if a situation like this happened to me, I would be more than happy to accept a new pizza but I probably wouldn’t have complained about it in the first place.

What would you do in a situation like this?

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  1. What would I do?…Definitely not act like that!

    There have been many times that I’ve been disappointed by an order that I’ve received. But it takes a lot for me to actually complain. If it’s a minor offense, it’s overlooked, mistakes Do happen. If it’s something more offensive, I simply don’t go back to that establishment. And I let them know why in a respectable manner, after I’ve gotten back home and gathered my thoughts. In a lot of cases, by the time I get home I realize that it really wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought at the time, and I shrug it off.

    Almost everyone has a website now and if they don’t, they definitely have a telephone. Most of the people in charge do care and do want to know when their customers have legitimate problems with the service. And in most cases I’ve gotten more than an adequate apology, and from the larger companies I’ve usually found coupons in the mail not long after.

    What I want to know is how anyone stays with people who act like that regularly. If my husband, or Anyone that I was out with acted like that somewhere…anywhere, I would be livid! And, unless there were extenuating circumstances, that would be the last time I went to a restaurant with that person.

    When I see someone behave that way all I can think is “Boy, I feel sorry for whoever they’re with. If they act this way in public, imagine what they act like at home!”

    Actually, a while back, my husband ended up getting 2 free steaks from Applebee’s one night. But it wasn’t because of some immature outburst and it was even in spite of him assuring them that he didn’t need a replacement. The night manager ended up walking around and talking to people and asked him directly how his steak was. He said it was fine, but she noticed his disappointment and ask him what was wrong with it. He had ordered it Very, Very Rare and it was clearly medium/well done. The manager apologized and walked away. We thought no more about it, but she immediately came back and said that he would have another one out soon and she hoped that it would be better. He told her that it wasn’t necessary, but she insisted. And when it came out, she came over to check. He cut it open, it was much better but still not quite what he ordered and the manager had another made. This time it was right, and she was still apologizing for the first two.

    When you treat people nicely and with respect that’s what you get in return, 98% of the time (and the other 2% is probably payback for times when you didn’t!). Why is it so hard for people to understand that?

  2. I think some people get some sort of emotional high from bitching and belittling other people.

    I have an inlaw that is like this. This person will always find something to bitch about. If the food is cooked correctly, then they will complain about the portion size. And when I say complain, I don’t mean just mentioning it to the people at the table, I mean complaining to the point that everyone in the place knows about it.

    I honestly think that some people, including my inlaw, enjoying being irate. I once saw the person I speak of scream at the newspaper delivery person for twenty minutes because the paper was in the driveway rather than on the sidewalk.

    Personally, I will generally let things go if I can. I used to have a really bad temper, but over the years I have learned to control it somewhat, but when I have had enough, I have been told there is nothing more unpleasant than being on the receiving end of one my diatribes. My wife thinks it is funny when I get really mad because I still have manners. She said that a manager at a restaurant–where we had received really, really, bad service–once waited until I had gone to the restroom to come over and tell her that he had never been so graciously raked over the coals.

  3. Anyone seen Ratatouille? Anyone familiar with “I don’t LIKE food, I LOVE it. If I don’t LOVE it, I don’t SWALLOW.”?

    Well, my wife says that I swallow everything, regardless of whether I like it or not, unless it’s already spoiled, has a bug or anything on it that’s inedible, or has anything that’s not supposed to be there in the first place.

    I have a very good reason why I’m like that… that is for fear of having something worse happen to me. I’ve blogged about this a while back… if you’re interested with the details, just head on to

    BCSs last blog post..Then and Now – Lawton Residence

  4. Stephanie – If you treat them nicely and with respect, you’re also less likely to be the victim of an upset part-time cook wiping snot all over your food that he had to prepare for a second time.

    Garrick – You make a very good point. Some people do enjoy being irate. I believe they have became so accustomed to it, they don’t even realize what an ass they are being.

    BCS – I read your post… EEWWW!

  5. Your response to Stephanie was exactly what I was going to say. If I don’t want a booger pizza, then it’s best to not act like an ass. It’s one thing if the order is really wrong to approach the manager and calmly explain the situation. I mean, things happen and orders get messed up – it’s nothing personal. But to fly off the handle over sauce quantity? Not a wise move.

    Evil Twin’s Wifes last blog post..Fifteen

  6. I work with the public and am witness to an irrational meltdown almost every day. If you’re unhappy with your service/product, I WELCOME your feedback. It’s how I make things better for everybody. But some people are just intent upon ruining their own day. Trust me…if you give me an opportunity and treat me with a little respect, you’re going to get SO much more out of this experience. If you act like a cry-titty-suck-ass, you’re getting the very minimum. 😛

    Lauras last blog post..The F-to the H-List

  7. We live in a society that is me first, instant gratification, and when some thing silly like this happens, It doesn’t surprise me one bit. I think their parents didn’t teach them how to relax. I start singing the REM song “It’s the end of the world as we know it” to our kids when they are acting silly like that.

    Tims last blog post..1st deer taken this year, picture too

  8. Amazing that you witnessed that as I had a very simliar incident Monday night. At an Italian place and overheard the guy (60ish) at the table next to me bitching about his seafood pasta. ‘There should be more crab in it”. They took it back and brought him another one. When the bill came, he complained that he shouldn’t have to pay for it because ‘he had to wait’. On and on this fucker went. They Manager said he DID have to pay for it, if he didn’t, she’d call the police. He paid but before he left, he took two full water glasses and turned them upside down. Whatta fuckin prick.

    Efens last blog post..My Buddy, Jim

  9. ETW – Booger pizza… eeww!

    Laura – Meltdowns are sometimes fun to watch…as long as I am not part of the persons group. 🙂

    Canuck – Tastes great! Less filling!

    Tim – My daughter is starting to throw some tantrums. I may have to start singing that song to her. 🙂

    Slick – Exaclty

    Efen – Assholes like that deserve a good pummeling. There should be bouncers in every restaurant to take care of these people.

  10. I’m a born & raised WV girl that has been transplanted to Dublin, Ireland.

    And I had to comment again to say that there are actually bouncers at restaurants here! There are bouncers at most stores/establishments. Bouncers/security guards. From cell phone stores, Foot Lockers, and convenience stores to upper-end stores like Laura Ashley and Swarovski Crystal. They’re mostly there to keep overly drunk/disruptive hooligans from coming in (which there can be a Lot of here sometimes), but their presence also seems to cut down on the asshattery that you would expect to see often in a place this size and this busy. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen anything even close to behavior like that since I’ve been over here.

  11. Stephanie:

    Overly drunk/disruptive guys in Dublin? You must be kidding.

    I spent a month in Dublin, and it took me a few days to figure out exactly what role the big guys at the doors played, but I guess it is a good idea.

    So how is Dublin this time of year? My wife and I are currently living in Switzerland and we are planning to do some travelling in early December, and Dublin is one of the places on our list.

  12. I only say something if it is truly wrong. i.e. I said something when my children’s burger wasn’t cooked. Cause, hello? Not safe. But for basic stuff like that? No.

    I think people are freaking out in general. They’re panicky and it’s coming out in violence… and pizza sauce.

    Kyras last blog post..Scary

  13. ~Garrick ~

    From your first post – I also have family members and in laws who are like that too. And while they weren’t the Reason we’re now located in Ireland…let’s just say that it’s a bonus!

    As for how Dublin is this time of year – Cold! Well, cold for Dublin. When I write home and bitch about the weather, I get put in my place pretty quickly!

    You should definitely come here in December, this will be my first one, but I hear it’s beautiful in the city during the holiday season. I can’t wait. We’ve tried to get everyone we know to visit from back home, but there don’t seem to be too many takers. 🙁

    Switzerland sounds Fun. Hopefully we’ll also start doing some traveling ourselves. At the moment I vote for a warm, sandy beach!!!

  14. I think that the workers that will mess with someones food is just as bad as the complainers. Both are disrespectful, a waste of time and don’t positively affect oneself in anyway.

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