Rarest POI in Starfield?

A rare point of interest (POI) in Starfield, a game known for its dynamic and procedurally generated content, has been discovered by a player after spending 300 hours in the game. The POI is a desolate research facility where scientists were experimenting with zero-gravity plant growth, adding to its memorability and uniqueness.

One experienced Starfield player has recently taken to social media to share a few images of what they suspect is the rarest point of interest (POI) in the entire game. The fan-based that theory on the fact that they only encountered the location in question once after spending hundreds of hours on Starfield.

While the topography of Starfield‘s thousand-plus planets is the same for every player, the vast majority of the game’s celestial bodies feature dynamic POIs that are generated procedurally and thus change with each playthrough. The day-one version of the game features a few dozen POI templates that have a varying chance of spawning as soon as the player spends enough time walking in any given direction without encountering anything of note, as previously explained by Bethesda Executive Producer Todd Howard.

And while most players who put enough hours into Starfield will eventually start seeing repeated content, there’s at least one POI in the game that’s rare enough to elude even veteran players. The location in question was recently shared by Reddit user SykoManiax, who explained that they have only found it once in 300 hours. Aside from its apparent rarity, the POI is also memorable due to its concept, as it takes the form of a desolate research facility wherein scientists were experimenting with growing plants in a zero-gravity environment before getting wiped out, SykoManiax explained.

Hundreds of fans voted to send this discovery to the front page of the r/Starfield subreddit over the weekend, suggesting many players agree with SykoManiax’s assessment that this zero-g research lab is the rarest point of interest in the entire game. On the other hand, dozens of fans also pointed out how they’re still seeing new locations after spending hundreds of hours exploring The Settled Systems, opining that it’s hence too early to tell whether this particular POI is the rarest type of Starfield‘s procedurally generated location.

A definitive conclusion on the matter is likely to arrive in a matter of months, once Bethesda puts out the game’s Creation Kit. Apart from facilitating community content development, the official mod tools for Starfield will allow tinkerers to explore the game’s existing files, so their release is likely to lead to the discovery of the POI rarity chart that’s currently in use. While Bethesda has yet to commit to a specific date for the Creation Kit’s launch, the studio previously confirmed it’s looking to finalize the game’s modding framework come early 2024.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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