Search comes up with snake in Google office

Google. may be famous for instant searches, but it took a bit longer to find a 3-foot (one metre) python that escaped in its massive Manhattan offices. The pet of one of its employees, “Kaiser” got loose over the weekend, prompting a search that ended when the snake was found on Monday night, according to company spokeswoman Ellen West.

“We are pleased to report that Kaiser was located in the office,” West said in a statement. “Kaiser was taken home by his owner and is no longer in the building.”

The slippery snake was reported on Monday by, a technology gossip Web site. Valleywag said the grey and brown reptile was brought to the building by an employee who didn’t want to be away from it during the work day. It was dangerous to mice but not humans, Valleywag said.

West declined to say how the python escaped, or who found it. The episode “was not an April Fool’s Day joke,” she said.

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