Somone Ran Over My Mailbox

It was about this time last year when someone ran over my mailbox. It wasn’t just my mailbox, but 2 of my neighbors as well. All three of us had our mailboxes on the same post.

The wife and I were sitting in the house, watching television when we heard what sounded like someone sliding in the gravels (we live on a one lane road). We both got up, and went out onto the deck to see a car that was stopped, suddenly speed off. It was dark outside, so we just assumed that the person in the car had swerved to miss our neighbors dog. It has happened several times before….nothing new. We went back inside to finish what we were doing. About 5 minutes later, the neighbors called and asked us if we saw who crashed into our mailboxes. We told her about the vehicle we saw, and then met back outside to assess the damage.

The post (which was concreted into the ground) had been ripped out of the ground with a 100lb chunk of concrete still attached to it. Since I am a carpenter, I was immediately given the responsibility of building us a bigger and better mailbox unit. My wife and the neighbors all got to go shopping for the new mailboxes the next day while I slaved away in the boiling hot sun. I got it done though, and if someone hits it now, it may very well split their car down the middle before it comes out of the ground. :mrgreen:

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