Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head

Or earworms as they are more commonly referred to. I currently have one stuck in my head right now. I was watching Smokey and the Bandit last night, (that’s how I roll) and now the theme song just keeps replaying itself over and over. It makes me want to jump in a truck and start driving east.

Have a listen:

It could be worse. I could have that song “Barbie Girl” stuck in my head again. Ugh.

6 thoughts on “Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head”

  1. I had Duran Duran’s “Her Name is Rio’ stuck in my head for a few days – man, that was a rough one. The Million Buck Canuck looks great on here – you should consider making him a permanant addition – you know, awesome by association! Cheers!

    CanuckSpeaks last blog post..Out of the mouths of babes …

  2. hey Bucky, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I’m bailing on the EC thing based on all the BS that has happened over there lately — hope you missed it. Anyways, I’m not saying goodbye or anything – I’ll still be by here but I wanted to let you know. We were friends before EC and we will certainly be friends afterwards … Cheers!

    CanuckSpeaks last blog post..Out of the mouths of babes …

  3. I watched that movie for the first time about 2 months ago and absolutely loved it. I am 31 years old and my husband couldn’t beleive I had never seen it. I was cheering for the truckers be the end!

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