State Of West Virginia Elementary Diploma Test From 1931

I found this gem on the internet today. Go ahead and have a look, I’ll wait.

State Of West Virginia Elementary Diploma Test From 1931

Looks tough huh?

It seems like they weren’t so much teaching an overview of the material as I was accustomed to in school, but rather they were making sure students really understood and had a much deeper grasp of the material. I could be a little off on my time line but even in 1931 a good deal of students probably never went any further then the 8th grade (especially in rural areas) and that education had to serve them the rest of their lives.

A couple of things that really stand out to me are there is no BS multiple choice and insultingly easy questions that I remember from school. It seems you were expected to know your shit and you were going to prove it or fail.

So what do you think? Could you pass it?

One thought on “State Of West Virginia Elementary Diploma Test From 1931”

  1. You know that is really cool to see. After looking over that test, I think That most of those things are not even taught anymore. Also I really took interest in how things were Umm put on the test, it seemed to be that math was related to what was actually goning on at the time. Bushels, wagons,and such…Just really cool to see that. Thank You.

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