The Dark Side Of OZ DVD Cover

You can call it “The Dark Side of Oz” or “The Wizard of Floyd” or “Dark Side of the Rainbow, any title will do. Mention those titles, to any Pink Floyd fan, and they will be able to tell you a little story. When you play the cd “The Dark Side of the Moon” along with “The Wizard of Oz”, there are some very interesting similarities.

Here are a few of the more interesting ones:

Song “Breathe”

  • “Balanced on the biggest wave” as Dorthy’s balancing on the fence.
  • On the Run starts as Dorthy falls. Notice the theme of the music as everyone panics.

Song “Time”

  • The ringing of bells is heard as Time starts and the witch enters on her bike. (This is my 2nd favorite similarity.)
  • During the guitar solo in Time, you will see the fortune teller’s sign. It reads Past, Present, and Future.

Song “Money”

  • The song starts as Dorthy enters Oz to the sound of cash registers and money chimes. (This is my favorite similarity. It is quite amazing to hear the cash register chime as soon as you see yellow brick road. It gave me chills the first time I saw it.)

That is just a very small sampling of what you can expect to see. I won’t list out all of the similarities here. If you are interested in reading them though, a quick google search will turn up all you ever wanted to know, and then some.

The reason for this post is because I took my DVD of “The Wizard of Oz” and ripped it to my HD. After that, I ripped my cd of “Dark Side of the Moon” to my HD. I created a new language channel on the movie, and put “Dark Side of the Moon” into that channel. I got it synced up perfectly with the MGM lions 3rd roar and re-created the DVD with the new language channel.

It worked! I can now show all of my friends and relatives what I have been telling them for years. There was one problem though. I had no dvd cover or disc label to put on my new “Wizard of Floyd” compilation.

I fixed that problem by creating my own label and cover which you can see below. I have also provided a download link if you have a need for the covers. I noticed that someone else had created a compilation DVD and released it on usenet a while back. It is not the compilation I created, but after watching that version at a friends house, I can say that they are nearly identical.

Dark Side of the Rainbow DVD cover

The cover isn’t the greatest piece of artwork that I have ever seen, but it seemed to work in a pinch. 🙂

Download via Rapidshare. Feel free to mirror, but give credit (a link) back to this post.


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  1. Click the link, scroll down and click on free, scroll down the next page and type in the letters, and click the download button.

    Easy peasy!

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