The Most Dangerous Roller Blades Ever

death by rollerblades

When the day comes, if you don’t have the cojones for seppuku we recommend the Booster Blades for a respectable self-offing.

Designed as a cross between a bicycle and inline skates, apparently you pedal more than you skate…and you look like a tool more than you do either.

Found at gizmodo. Check them out for a video of the madness.

This is from the booster blades website:

You do not often see something really new, but Booster Blades has got to be it! English inventor Bryan Rawlings has come up with Booster Blades as a kind of cross between in-line skates and a bicycle. You wear them like skates but pedal up and down and they propel you along like riding a bike. To stop you tilt your foot back to operate the brake.

Booster Blades are light, compact and efficient and ride well. They are probably the most revolutionary new type of cycle since the invention of the chain driven bike.

Booster Blades are a cross between roller skates and the bicycle. Like a bicycle, Booster Blades operate by a cyclic “pedaling” motion, yet Booster Blades are as easy to carry and store as roller skates.

Having made a good working prototype, inventor Bryan Rawlings says that he is now ready to move on to the next stage of production. Plans include making hand-built “professional” pairs for racing or displays, a limited edition of hand-made pairs for sale to the public – these will be quite expensive, but will be entirely hand crafted, numbered, dated and signed by the inventor, and finally a “mass produced” version that would be economically priced and widely available.

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