The ‘ol brakepad into the windshield gag…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the person in the car ahead of you lost its brakes? I mean literally lost its brakes…..lost them so bad that they come flying off?

If your in the wrong spot at the right time, this could happen.

3 thoughts on “The ‘ol brakepad into the windshield gag…”

  1. Those photos are insane! I wonder how I would react to being the guy behind the wheel…that’s about as close to death as you want in a day. The adrenaline dump would be enormous, you’d be running around the ditch on the grass totally pumped up and freaking out screaming “Wooo!”. I wonder if the car in front that lost his brakes knew what was going on…”Hmm, that’s a strange noise?”

  2. I often wonder what I would do in this or similar situations, but I honestly don’t know what I would do. As you said, the adrenaline would be pumping like mad.

    Running around the ditch and screaming…for sure. I would also need a change of underwear.

    True story:

    My uncle had a rock thrown through the passenger side of his windshield on his way home from work one day. The road goes under a large rock overhang and there were a bunch of kids up on top playing. He said they were there nearly every day, so it was nothing new. The large rock that came flying into his windshield was a first though.

    The cops were called, and the kids admitted their guilt. My uncle said the windows were up in his truck, and the pressure of the windshield bursting gave him an instant headache, and messed with his hearing for several days.

    I don’t know if access to the rock overhang was ever blocked or not. If it wasn’t, it is bound to happen again.

  3. The size of that brake pad looks like it came from a large truck or bus, not a car. And given the overall look of it, it’s probably more likely that it was already laying in the road and another car hit it and threw it (like a rock).

    I have an analytical mind, so sue me.

  4. As the other commenter mentioned that looks like a decent size brake pad. It was clearly traveling with a fair amount of force for it to break into the windshield like that. A windshield is made with two (or more) layers of glass adhered together and is designed to crack but not “break”or create a hole. Still…it did it’s job and protected the people inside by not allowing the pad to go completely through and hit someone and by not shattering into pieces that could fly into the car.

    I would definitely need a change of underwear after that! I wonder if the person saw it coming or it happened so fast that any reaction was “post-event”?

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