The Phoenix Mars Lander

The Phoenix Mars Lander has landed on the surface of Mars and is already sending back some amazing photos. There is also a great video of the folks at Nasa JPL watching and cheering as the Lander does exactly what it was supposed to do. It has to be an amazing rush to be there and be part of a project that takes years to design and complete, and all the while not knowing whether or not your project is even going to make it out of Earth’s atmosphere, not to mention entering the atmosphere of an entirely different planet.

Mars (space in general) has always intrigued me. I never was into Star Wars or Star Trek, that stuff if fake. I like the real stuff.

I do believe that there is life outside of Earth. That doesn’t mean that I believe in little green men that come and give us Earthlings a light show every now and then, but I do believe there is life out there. Think about it, if you will. There are an unknown amount of galaxies out there and each of those galaxies have their own stars and planets. The odds that there is another planet (or more than one) that is habitable has to be good. The planet may not be inhabited by any human-like creatures, or anything that we would consider animals. Or, there could be planet that is very similar to Earth. It could harbor the same plants and animals that we have all came to know and love.

Perhaps one day we will be able to see and go farther into space. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen during the course of my life.

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