The UK’s Ministry of Defence is going to release files on UFO sightings.

UFO’s and the supernatural are of great interest to me. Even though I don’t necessarily believe any of it, I absolutely love reading about it, and wondering about it.

The Ministry of Defence plans to open its “X-Files” on UFO sightings to the public for the first time. Officials have not yet decided on a date for the release of the reports, which date back to 1967, but it is hoped to be within weeks.

Within weeks!! I can’t wait!

UFO buffs will be keen to find out what officials knew about some of the UK’s most famous sightings and whether any action was taken. One celebrated event – at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, in 1980 – has been dubbed “Britain’s Roswell” after the UFO incident in the US in 1947. At Rendlesham there were several witness reports of a UFO apparently landing. The released files should support or discount claims that radiation was detected at the site after the event.

I’ve read a lot about this event. Now, I guess I will get to read the real story of what happened there. I wish that the US would release their so called “X-files”. I wish that they would release them, and not black out most the pages like they seem to do with everything else.

The documents due for release are witness reports of apparent UFO sightings, many by civil pilots and military personnel. Most were simply collected and filed by a small, secret unit within defence intelligence called DI55. A few are thought to have been investigated further by the military, but the details have never been made public. There are 24 files due for release, each containing 200-300 reports of sightings, plus internal MoD briefings and correspondence.

200-300 sightings per each of the 24 files. That is 4800-7200 total sightings. That should take a while to read. I hope that they are all made available via the internet. This would make some good before bed reading material. I can’t wait!

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