The White Death Has Arrived.

By the time this storm is over, we will probably have close to 20″ of snow.

It’s times like these that I wish I had a PS3. Unfortunately, I don’t have the extra cash ($400) lying around asking to be spent on a gaming system. And if I did have an extra $400 it most likely wouldn’t be spent on that. With two kids, most of my money goes to diapers and wipes….

15 thoughts on “The White Death Has Arrived.”

  1. Damn it! It figures that the one year I am out of the country it will snow the whole week of Thanksgiving.

    There is nothing quite like getting snowed in at my farm. Those years don’t come very often, I think the last one was in 1996.

  2. Kathy – Spring? Hell, It’s not even Winter yet!

    Garrick – It’s shaping up to be a doozy next week. Possibly the worst weather for the first week of rifle season since…. well, since 1996.

    Canuck – Good idea. Do you have room in your house for a family of four?

    ETW – Yea, we really got that much. And as of today (Thursday) there is another Winter Storm Warning out for Greenbrier County. Yee-fuckin’-haw.

    Efen – It doesn’t shut us down. The state does a pretty decent job of keeping the roads passable. I think there is a shortage of road salt this year, so the ice may be worse than usual.

    Laura – I’ve got plenty of snow for sale if you would like some more.

    Stephanie – I expect this kind of snow in January or February, but November? WHat’s up with that?!

    Stephanie (2) – I’ve got plenty. Would you like me to send you some?

    Sassy – I would like to see the reaction of some of you folks (that only get a dusting of snow every now and again) when waking up to deep snow.

  3. Do you remember 1996?

    I remember it vividly for several reasons.

    First, it snowed three feet on Monday of the week before Thanksgiving break, so school was cancelled the whole week.

    In addition, we were in the playoffs so we had to go East and shovel the whole god damned football field off. And then we got our asses kicked.

    Finally, my grandfather and I almost died trying to plow the road to my farm so that we could get in there to hunt. We put a truck over a hill in the middle of a snowstorm and had to walk almost all the way back to Quinwood.

  4. One thing that I have learned from living abroad is that the rest of the world seems to take driving in the winter very seriously.

    Here in Switzerland you are required by law to have snow tires on your car after a certain date, and if you are involved in an accident and the police see that you either don’t have snow tires, or that your tires are worn below an “acceptable” level they can moreorless execute you on the spot.

    I also noticed that practically everyone has snow chains in their cars. In fact, when we got our, “winter car” from the rental agencey it came with a set of space age chains. It says on the package that they can be installed in under five minutes. I find this interesting because outside of the areas surrounding the Rocky mountains, I bet less than 5% of the US population even knows what a tire chains are, moreless how to put them on.

  5. Was it 1996 when that snowstorm knocked the power out for a week? And then, the main transformer at West was toast, and we had to wait a week for a new one. So we were out of school for 2 weeks.

    As for tire chains, I know all about them. Hell, I usually put a set on the front tires of my fourwheeler when we get ice. They help tremendously on ice.

  6. Actually, Jennifer and I were talking about it last night and she convinced me that the year I was thinking of was 1995 and not 1996. But that was indeed the same year as the great transformer debacle.

    There was about a six year period in the late nineties when we had some freaky weather. Remember the blizzard in March of 1993, which was immediately followed by a massive flood? Then there was a blizzard in January of 1994, I remember that one because my dad broke down on his way home from work, and one of his friends and I had to go retrieve him in the middle of the damn thing. Finally, we had the January blizzard of 1998 when it snowed fifty seven inches in twelve hours at Flatop. I remember that well because Jennifer’s dad was convinced that the roof on his garage was going to collapse so he and I got up there and shoveled it off.

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