The Winning Attitude Award

I received this award from Christy, one of the nicest bloggers on the net. Thanks Christy!

This award was created by Mel of Monday Morning Power who made the award for bloggers who are positive thinkers and for those who have positive winning attitudes. This is a very nice award and one that I will put on my awards page.

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4 thoughts on “The Winning Attitude Award”

  1. It’s fun following my award in its travels. It takes me to all the nicest places in the blogesphere. It’s nice to meet you. It seems to me that the award has found a very nice home here. It looks good on you. Wear it well.

  2. Thank you so much, you are so sweet!! I love your new blog header, it’s really pretty. :mrgreen: Oh and while I’m here I tried to leave a answer to the squirrel phobia question you asked the other day and the darn thing wouldn’t go through. I didn’t have the energy to write it out again, lol. But I’m basically scared of any kind of rodent, something to do with the their tales and little claws, freaks me right out…lol.

    Have a great night!

  3. Thanks, it’s that time of year again. The snow is flying outside, so I thought it should snow here also. 🙂 I will put the other header back in the fall. I’m thinking of making one for all the seasons.

    It must be a woman thing…about the rodents. I bet you climb on the chairs when you see a mouse. 🙂

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