I think I am going to have to start locking up my office supplies when I leave the office everyday. I work earlier than most office personnel (6am-4pm), and it seems that at least every other day I notice that there is something missing from my office.

I am fairly particular about the utensils/tools that I use when I am working. I like a certain kind of pen, certain pencil (with .9mm lead), sharpies, and about 5 different colors of highlighters. I do architectural work, so the various colored highlighters are a MUST for me.

Everyone else likes my assortment of utensils so much, that they often help themselves to it. The reason that it bothers me is because I have never turned anyone down that has asked me for something. If the rest of the clan would just ask (instead of waiting until I leave to steal things), I would gladly give them the item that they are requesting. It isn’t like I don’t know who is taking the stuff anyway… I can see it sitting on their desk.

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