Use google to find mp3 files.

mp3You can easily use the Google Search Engine (and others as well) to find gigabytes of Mp3s, Ebooks, Images and Movies that most people will never find.

To find those files you need an advanced understanding of the Google Search possiblities, here are some basic examples on what you can find and explain them. From there its up to you to enhance this searches.

What we are looking for are directories that have been indexed by google and don´t have a file in them that is loaded when loading the directory in your browser.

If you want to lock a directory you simply put a basic index.htm(l) file into it and this file will be loaded when you try to open the directory and the content that is also in the directory will not be displayed.

That means we will have to exclude index.htm and index.html files from our search to find only open directories. (As a sidenote, there are of course other means of protecting directories like .htaccess files)

To exclude something from your search you use the “-” operator in the search field. We want to make sure that no webpages are displayed that have “htm” or “html” in their url, remember, we only want the directories.

The operator “inurl:” will be used to exclude both file formats. Our searchstring would look like this atm.

-inurl:htm -inurl:html

What else do we need to find Mp3 files ?

Directories are often displayed with “index of” in their title, that means we will have to include this to our search.

We also have to state that we are looking for mp3 files so “mp3″ has to be in the search. That leads us to the following general search query:

-inurl:htm -inurl:html “index of” mp3

you can add a date to the search to get freshly modified directories using “month-year” in our case “Jan-2007″
as an addition to your search which results in

-inurl:htm -inurl:html “index of” mp3 “Jan-2007″

You can change mp3 to other music file formats as well, so aac, ogg, wma, wav ..

You probably are looking for a specific band or singer, that means you can add this information as well to your search by adding “singer/band name” to it. The search would be:

-inurl:htm -inurl:html “index of” mp3 “Jan-2007″ “Band Name Here”

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