Welcome, Lukas!

July 3rd was the day that was scheduled for my wife to be induced into labor so we could welcome our second child into this world. This is our story.

We began the day at 4:30 am. We got up, took our showers, brushed our teeth, grabbed some books to read, and by 5:15 am we were on our way to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital just before 6 am. We went to the front desk, (we had pre-registered about a month ago) and they couldn’t find our paperwork. After a few phone calls to different folks, our paperwork was rounded up and security escorted us up to labor and delivery.

This is the room we started in. Just look at her, all smiles.

This would end up being the wrong room, so we had to gather all of our stuff, and move to the birthing suite.

In this photo, her water has been broke, and the Patossin had began dripping. Patossin is a hormone that makes the uterus contract. Momma isn’t so happy anymore.

I take a few minutes to peek around the room and see what I can find. I looked under the blue sheet on the table to expose some of the tools that it takes to bring a baby into this world.

A couple of photos of the machines doing their thing.

What good is a photoshow without a mirror pic? Momma is chillin’ in the background waiting for the contractions to really begin coming on strong.

The outside view.

You know what pregnant ladies get to eat and drink when they are in the delivery room? Ice chips…mmm…

“Are you still taking pictures?”

All of this brought us to about 12:30 in the afternoon. The wife said that she felt like she needed to push…(this seemed to happen all of a sudden) so I calmly paged the nurse and explained to her that my wife says that she feels like she needs to push. The nurse comes in and tells her that she is a full 10cm now, and during her next contraction, she would like for her to push so she can see where the baby is.

The next contraction started, and the wife began to push. The nurse told her to stop pushing immediately and to just try and breath through the contraction. The baby was crowning, and the doctor was in another part of the hospital.

For what seemed like a very looong 5 minutes, the wife fought her contractions and the need to push.

When the doctor arrived, he put on his gown and gloves, and sat on a stool in front of the wife. He said, “It looks like you will be able to get this baby out in one push.” For those of you that have had babies vaginally, you know that you only push during a contraction. For those of you who didn’t know that, consider yourselves informed.

We waited for the next contraction which took it’s sweet ol’ time to begin.

It finally arrived, and the doctor told the wife to grab her thighs, squeeze them toward her chest, and bare down and push.

She did.

1:08 pm – One push later, we have Lukas.

Around 5 pm, the wife was up and about, getting along as usual and acting nothing like she had just had a baby. With our first child, she was down and our for a few days after delivery, but not this time.

Everything is going fine with baby and mom. All IV’s are unhooked, no monitors, no catheter, no anything. A quick shower and momma says she is as good as new.

The doctor came back around later in the evening and told her that as long as she was taking in and expelling a lot of fluids she would probably get to come home tomorrow. (July 4th).

I should have the video uploaded and ready tomorrow. I will come back and embed it in this post when it is finished. I’m too exhausted right now to do it. I’m going to bed.

Get ready Canucklehead, you’re next.

17 thoughts on “Welcome, Lukas!”

  1. HaHa – congrats! That is awesome – actually, if we have a boy we are planning on calling him ‘Lucas’ – this shit is just getting plain weird now. There is a 0% chance my wife is going to allow me to take picture like that – too much. Anyway, all the best and welcome Lukas!

    Canuckleheads last blog post..How Canucklehead Are You?!!

  2. Welcome to the world Lukas!

    Congrats Bucky! Give momma lots of hugs and take care of her.
    Women bring life, they deserve to be well taken care of and loved.

    Enjoy your new little one.

    P.S. It’s spelled Pitocin. 😉 Nicknamed pit, as in start the mother on the pit as soon as she arrives, I have a golf game to get to by 3pm.

    Kats last blog post..Perfect every time.

  3. Congrats! Sounds like an easy labor, if labors can ever be easy. I live in fear of the day when we decide we’re “ready” for kids…because no matter how ready I am, I’ll never be completely….ready.

  4. Typical for doctors to make birthing mothers wait because they’re on the “other side of the hospital”… which happens to be where the golf course is.

    Glad everything worked out!!! Congrats!!!

  5. OOH, thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations to you! I had a C-section myself (I asked for it cuz I was afraid of the vaginal birth.) Anyway…I am glad everything went well for you! Enjoy your new son!

  6. Kyra – Thank you!

    Kat – Will do, and thanks for the spelling correction.

    CMG – Mountaineers rock!

    Don – Thank you!

    Bregie – Thank you!

    Tim – We are just now teaching our 2 year old the fine art of falling asleep. Now we have to start all over again? WTF were we thinking?

    Daniel – Thank you!

    Liz – You are correct. You never are completely “ready” to turn your life upside down and raise a child. But we didn’t want that empty feeling when we were old either. We now feel our lives serve a greater purpose…raising a family.

    NYCWD – You know, there is a golf course about 10 minutes away!

    Ojon – If it were me, I would have been more afraid of getting cut open. :/

  7. Now that you have a son I think you are going to have to pay me a monthly fee to keep quiet about some of the things I witnessed you take part in your youth.

    But then I guess I might have one at some point, and I imagine you have infinitely more dirt on me than I have on you.

    So I guess a mutual pact of silence is in order. Perhaps we should formalize it and make it legal with a written treaty.

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