What’s Your Bright Idea?

So what’s your crazy idea that will someday earn you millions of dollars?

Back in the day, it was adding a clock to any everyday object. These days, it’s slapping a camera or an mp3 player on something to make it the new hotness. Perhaps it’s your bigger better badder nose hair trimmer, or some bastardization of the flowbee. Maybe you are thinking of something slightly fancier than common area rugs… – what’s your better mousetrap?

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Bright Idea?”

  1. Now, that’s really funny what Stephanie said. LOL! 🙂

    I’ve always imagine about inventing a sort of machine that will be capable of generating energy (electricity) on it’s own without using fuel or any external forces (hydro/thermal/solar)… each unit of that machine will be capable of generating enough energy to power itself together with a decent-sized municipality (also without releasing any harmful particles/substances). It will be so effective that all power plants on earth will be shut down. Then I will win the Nobel Prize for it. Then I will develop smaller versions of it that will be used to power vehicles and other smaller pieces of machinery.

    After five years or so… I will again invent another machine that will suck in all the undesirables in the air and in turn expel clean air… then I would win a Nobel Prize for it once more, then the governments of all developed/semi-developed countries on earth will require one to be installed for every square kilometer area of their respective territories/countries.

    Then I will be credited for saving the world! 😛

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  2. How about something that ‘zap’ moron drivers (besides a gun 😉 You just point the thing at them and it immediately diasbles their car…forcing them to walk.

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