Which Aspect Of Pornography Turns You On?

My favorite kind of tits.
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I would like for both the men and women to reply to this. That’s right, women to. We all know you get turned on by porn to. And don’t be afraid about using various words or phrases in your comments to explain yourself. I consider this to be an “R” rated blog, so feel free to express yourself as you see fit.

For me, it the tits. I love watching tits bounce up and down. There’s really no other way to put it. I like boobs, any size, as long as there is movement in them. But that’s not all, it’s the whole scenario. The actions and reactions of the couple to each other. The sound is a turn on if it’s real. If it’s over the top and seems like acting (80’s porn), it needs to be muted. I think one of the most important things is that it’s got to seem real.

And for some reason I’m not really into the whole girl/girl thing. I know a lot of guys talk about that, but it really just looks / feels strange to me. I like the good ol’ standby hetero stuff. I once saw a porno and they were using english saddles in ways that I would find it hard to imagine.

So what about you guys / gals? Do you get turned on by porn, and if so, which aspect of it?

And please, be honest. I know you girls love to watch the titties bounce also.

10 thoughts on “Which Aspect Of Pornography Turns You On?”

  1. The Evil Twin loves what he calls “heavy hangers” – that is, boobs that are saggy (not store bought “nerf ball titties”). And bouncy. LOL.

    I like to watch women pleasure themselves. There are many words I can’t really say – the p***y word the M****rbation word are two of them. I do enjoy the porn on a regular basis. It depends on what’s happening and how the female seems to react (if she seems uncomfortable or in pain, I do not enjoy it). Unfortunately for me, the Evil Twin likes facials and blow jobs. Which is okay, I guess. But, I’ve BTDT so many times, I feel like a Dali canvas.

    Did I say all that out loud??? LOL.

    Evil Twin’s Wifes last blog post..That’s a Hair Don’t!

  2. You pretty much hit the hammer on the nail there with things that turn me off. I’m actually very picky about my porn, if it feels fake and contrived It doesn’t do anything for me. I just start laughing. lol Directors seem to think that the more exaggerated moans, and “oh, oh yeas!” they fit in the better. Che.

    Major turn ons, for me would definitely be seeing women pleasure themselves and seeing guys give head. Yes, I’m weird. I like guy/guy action as well. ^_^;

    Joanas last blog post..The Field of…

  3. LOL @ “like a Dali canvas”…..tho I confess to not knowing what ‘BTDT’ means….but I get the idea, I think 😉

    Lets see….I like the ‘amateur’ stuff…I like (duh..) girl on girl action…2 guys & 1 girl action (uh…not 2 guys together..ewwwwwwwwww). And….big bouncing boobs are always good 🙂

    Efens last blog post..It’s Monday…….Again..Updated

  4. I like the reckless abandon of it…they are f’ing the shit out of each other and the only passion involved is getting off. I think its interesting because most people would not want to watch most other people having sex. Somehow porn gives us the idea of what we’d like to be able to accomplish. Yeah, you can try some of that stuff on the woman you picked up at the bar, but not with someone you care about.

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