Clean Your Print Cartridges – Yet Another Use For WD-40

I’m sure others have experienced their print cartridges drying up on them due to lack of use. It seems like every time I want to print something out on my Epson photo printer, the damn print cartridge has dried up and won’t print properly. I guess I just don’t print enough stuff out on a regular basis.

I got a brain-storm of an idea the other day and decided to try soaking the base of the cartridge in WD40 to see if it would soften and clean the dried ink and holy crap – it worked!!! (I soaked it over-night and then wiped it off good before reinstalling it in the printer)

I had to run the printer through 3 head cleaning cycles afterward, but it cleared the clogged nozzles and it is now working perfectly.

Just thought I’d share my tip – especially with the price of print cartridges.

I don’t know if it will work with other types of cartridges, but it definitely did the trick for my Epson.

I guess that I should add this to the 45 other uses for WD-40.



6 thoughts on “Clean Your Print Cartridges – Yet Another Use For WD-40”

  1. Is there anything WD40 can’t do? When I was in college, my old Camry used to sputter out and die all the time. I’d bust out the WD40 and spray it all over under the hood and what do you know – the car would start again.

  2. Nice tip. I never taught that wd40 can be used in cleaning the cartridge. We still have the same problem on printers. I tried using hp, epson and now canon and I got the same problem on all of them. What I did when my cartridges dries up is to deep clean the printer but it doesn’t solve the problem. Its print for a while at least some pages until I came up to decide to change the printers and buy a new one. This tips might be useful to me in time, it can save my time looking for a brand new printer and also the money on buying a new printer.

  3. I love WD-40! I don’t know how many solutions to everyday problems I’ve discovered but the latest one is loosening a doorknob that was becoming hard to turn. I hang my shoulder-bag on the pantry doorknob every day when I get home. I don’t know if that was what caused it to get stuck but it was becoming a real problem. If I leave the door open, my dog pulls the trash out and strews it all over the house! So….after a few minutes thought, my old problem solver popped into my head! I got out the WD-40 and sprayed it around the base of the knob while turning it back and forth. Problem solved!

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