You Call That A Stroller?

What’s the deal with baby strollers these days? My wife was in the dressing room of a store this past weekend when I was nearly run down and maimed while waiting for her in the next aisle. It was a baby stroller, but there was no baby in it. This lady had the damn thing packed to the top with shopping bags and watching her maneuver it through the tight aisles in the overcrowded store was pretty funny until she came my way.

Like I said, it was packed like the Grinch’s sleigh without a baby anywhere in sight. Yet, when I didn’t yield the entire aisle to her, she gave me one of those Armed Parent Militia coldcock stares that said, “Can’t you see I’m a fucking parent with a fucking BABY STROLLER??!!?? Move it, lardass!” She made me feel as if I needed to hire a real estate agent so I could buy myself some floor space. I noticed that other customers moved very quickly out of her way when they glimpsed the baby stroller, so I think I smell a rat.

Again, no baby (unless she’d just bought it).

Is this common where you live? Baby stroller shopping with no baby? I’ve actually seen a couple of stores place a sign out front that said, “No baby strollers, please.”

I am a proud parent myself, and I have to say that people like this tend to ruin things for those of us that actually use baby strollers to stroll our babies. On second thought, maybe she left her kid in the dressing room or something. Come to think of it, it was probably sleeping quietly under the 37 pounds of goods she was toting around.

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