You Know Who I Hate?

You Fucker
You Fucker

Fuckers. You know…fuckers. Also known in some other cultures as dickheads, assholes, cocksuckers. You’ll find them everywhere as they roam the streets freely, their fuckery going on unchecked. What I hate most about fuckers is what big fuckers they are. A fucker may or may not be aware that he or she is a fucker, but will continue on being a fucker regardless. Because, you see, the most important thing to a fucker is his or her own fucking self. That is a large part of what makes a fucker a fucker, a complete lack of regard for all others–non-fuckers and fellow fuckers alike.

You know what I say? Fuck ’em. Fuck all those fuckers. They probably won’t even notice that we’ve decided to fuck them and their fucking ways, the bunch of self-absorbed fuckers. But I say we fuck them all the same. Serves them right. They chose to fuck us so now we too shall fuck unto them. Oh yes, the fuckers have become the fuckees. Well if they didn’t want to be fucked, they shouldn’t have done all that fucking of us nonfuckers.

Man, I can just see it now…one of these fuckers is gonna come up to one of us and say, “Oh please stop being a fucker to me, I don’t like it. It hurts my fucking feelings.”

If that happens, just say, “Quit whining, fucker.”

And at that moment, the shoe will have officially been placed on the other foot. And the shoe fits, baby.

6 thoughts on “You Know Who I Hate?”

  1. Fuck all those fuckers: wise words from a wise man.

    That being said, you should really try walking a mile in a their shoes before you judge — that way, you’re a mile away and you’ve got the fucker’s shoes!

  2. (This may be posted twice and if so, I apologize because at times, I also hate myself for being stoopid)

    Bucky, I was ‘led’ to your site by Laura (she sent me an e-mail wanting to know ‘when I moved to WV?’)
    You see, you and I have a very similar style in our posts. I laughed my ass off at this one as well as ‘Corn Fed Venison’. You have gained a new reader and, I hope you don’t mind, but I linked your site on my page.

  3. Laura – Fuckin-A is right! (I only thought that term was used by us WV hillbilly redneck types.) 🙂

    Canuck – I can always count on you to leave a hilarious comment. Fucker.

    Efen – Thanks to Laura for sending you over. I can’t take credit for the Corn Fed Venision story, I didn’t write it, but I found it extremely funny and had to share it. I will stop by your place and check you out, I mean, check your blog out, in a bit.

  4. You know what fuckers I can’t stand? These comment leaving fuckers, “Well said. Check out these deal on Cialis.” What the fuck, fucker? It’s deals, with a fucking S and how did you know I need Cialis?

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