You Know You’re A Badass Spider When…..

you can kill a snake, and wrap him in your sticky web.

Scary, isn’t it?

93 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Badass Spider When…..”

  1. Spider is a black widow. Snake is tiny. Obvious from the wound in one photo that it was not killed by the spider, but still pretty cool that the spider decided to make a meal out of it….

  2. The spider isn’t a black widow, it’s a redback, which is pretty deadly and much smaller than a black widow. It’s only a small snake, but still, damn impressive!

  3. Same thing happened to my little brother. Found him web-wrapped in the basement. Kinda’ shriveled up after the spider sucked at him for awhile.

    Threw it outside then dad smashed the spider.

    Kinda’ miss little bro’ but not too much.

    More food for the rest of us younguns.

  4. Yes it is a black widow, but you’ve never seen one that big? I bet you think the spaceships in the original Star Wars were built to scale, too. It’s a small snake, not a big spider, dunce.

    Also an otherwise healthy-looking dead snake with a festering wound on a non-vital area of its body is a CLASSIC sign of black widow poisoning.

  5. The wound is most likely from the spider. The venom would eat at the tissue and cause it to decay around the bite, making seem as though it a too large of a wound.

  6. PPP – Think before you call photoshopped, there is nothing you can compare the size to so how can you tell how big or small it is? If there were a dollar or a quarter in the picture then the size could be determined, as it is the camera probably just zoomed in thus giving the appearance of the spider being larger than normal.

    It is amazing how many morons there are in this country!

  7. I live in colombia, and, when I was a kid, my sister lived in a house in Tolima, One area of my country, full of jungle. Very hot. The spiders in that place were more hairy. And pretty big, too. I remember seeing one killing a chicken. I hated going to that freaking place, it scares me a lot.

  8. Neat shots.

    The spider is a black widow. If it was a redback there should be a red stripe visible on the back in the third picture. both are basically same otherwise.

  9. I agree that it is photoshopped. How come the spider doesn’t throw a shadow? And that snake is a full grown Western Taipan, no spider in the world is that big. Sorry to disappoint you all.

  10. It’s not a red back, there’s no way in hell. Redbacks besides being tiny with smaller legs proportionate to the body have the stripe on the back not the underside. And their webs aren’t very strong or well made.
    I live in Australia. I check the toilet everytime I sit down just in case there’s a redback.

  11. I am very sick of photoshop hoaxes, whether THIS series is shopped or not, why must this be so scrutinized, that it’s integrity as a true image overshadows any other discussion of amazement.

    otherwise all I was going to say was “nooooooooo!”
    please excuse me for snapping.

  12. These shots could be genuine. I was witness to a similar event some 13 years ago in the south of Israel during a field trip. I was a biology student. A Black Widow caught a Dwarf Sahara Sand Viper. These snake are very small. We spent the night watching this incredible phenomena; it took the spider some 8 hours to haul the snake and wrap it. One of the students had a camera(this happened before digital cameras were so sparse) and the photos were published in a nature magazine here in Israel but I have no idea how to find them online.

  13. The dark bit on the bottom photo is carpet so it is supposed to have happened indoors. Red Backs like houses. Red Back venom can kill a human so a little snake like that is nothing. But they are tiny spiders so to eat a snake as small as that is a big deal. And who would let a deadly spider build a web in their house and let the f*cker catch a snake?

  14. Good God…half of you are morons, and the other half has been to lazy to go to the link at the bottom of the picture, but find it easy to leave a randomly generated thought of there own…

    The article says, “The brown button spider, easily identifiable by a red hourglass marking on its stomach, is not quite as deadly as a black widow. ”

    To read the rest, go to the link, and I dumbfounded with so many people having little exposure to life that immediately assume things are photoshopped when there little minds can’t envision it. I also love the people that use descriptive words like ‘definitely’, as if we would believe you as an authority on Photoshop because of your guarantee of ‘definitely photoshopped’.

    and thats my 2 cents that no one asked for…

  15. It’s not a black widow, it’s a red back, as a few people have already pointed out. You can tell because it’s GOT A RED BACK!!! They live in Australia and are quite small, so obviously a very small snake. Saw lots of them in Australia. Cool pictures.

  16. It’s a black Widow

    this is a redback

    I used to catch redbacks when i was a kid, a bloke we knew used to set them in clear plastic and sell them at Gepps cross markets, we used to get 50 cents each for cathing them.
    Best place to find redbacks is in a stack of roof tiles, and the body gets to about the size of an Australian 5c peice.

  17. Good God part II

    ‘But dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, shaaaaadow?’ First, having my degree in 3D Modeling and Graphic Design, I am sure that everyone’s opinion concerning Photoshop is based on fact that they know what they are talking about….right? WRONG. I love how people look at a picture and cry, “But where is the shadow?” and write it up to it being photoshoped. Have you heard of lighting? No flash on a camera yields very little shadow when the room has LIGHTING!

    Oh yeah, and what about light… there’s direct lighting, indirect lighting, ambient lighting, reflective lighting, defused reflection lighting, oooo oooo and my favorite ‘bi-directional reflectance distribution function’ (BRDF) lighting that describes how light is reflected at the surface of an object. One or all of these could be in play, but you don’t know because you can’t see that to make a guess or an opinion. All of these could be hitting any object that your little mind thinks that a shadow should be reflected on, so really, stop giving your uneducated opinion of Photoshop because you don’t see a shadow where you think one should be.

    I can\’t wait for Good God III


  18. For Christ sake does it matter what spider it is, get a life, the important thing is that it is cool. Jesus Christ get a grip.

  19. Absolutely outstanding !

    Its a shame that this thread has yet again more idiots that cant help but mention the mortal phrase “Photoshopped!”. I dont believe this is modified in any way and its a shame that some cant open there imagination to the real world.

  20. Why why why why do people have comment sections at the end of every damn blog out there? It’s just bait for idiots to post the same old stuff:
    “That’s cool”
    “That’s Photoshopped”
    “I know what that is….”
    “You’re wrong”
    “You’re stupid”

  21. Some of you are morons. It isnt a red back, it is a black widow. Black widow spiders have a distinct red shape on their back like the one in the pic. And a BW\’s venom is strong enough to kill a dog! thats a picture of BLACK WIDOW, AND YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT IT HAS THE EXACT SAME MARCK ON ITS BACK. also here is a question asked by someone on yahoo answers and it clearly says that the black widow spider can kill a 200 pound man. is that enough evidence enough to prove that this is real?!?!?!?!

  22. Okay,
    So I’m cleaning out a friends garage the other day and I’m on one knee, stacking some old paint cans in the far back corner, when I look down and see one of these things on my thigh.

    In order to avoid hyperbole I’ll just say; it was big enough for me to see the red “hourglass” on her belly immediately – maybe the size of a small cat.

    I grabbed a mason jar full of nails, dumped it out, and now have this thing on my desk in my office.
    Just waiting for someone to park in my spot. Or any opportunity to have her to do my bidding, really.

  23. I am an exterminator. This is a button spider. The red back, button and black widow spiders are all cousins and share similar characteristics. They can be differentiated by the location of markings as well as the shape of the abdomen. It is definitely possible for the spider to have killed the snake in the picture and the wound is consistent with a bite from any of these spiders. The flesh around the wounds starts to rot and can cause death from infection even if the poison is insufficient to kill on its own.

  24. As a 3-d graphic designer for over 50 years, I can tell you that is certainly what we in the industry refer to as a “shop chop”. Just look at the pixels and the subtle shadows and you can clearly see they are off! Trust me, I have seen quite a few shops in my day. Carry on.

  25. Goes to show you what a bunch of retards the english speaking population of this world are.
    Cant wait till our cultural hegemony is over and the world can advance with Mandarin/Hindi/Bengali/Arabic at the helm.

  26. Stop saying that it’s shopped because of the snake.

    It’s not really a snake, it’s a slow worm.

    They’re a different thing all together, apparently. One difference is that they can blink…

    My point is, they just look like relatively small snakes with funny faces.

  27. Indeed, it’s not a black widow. Black widows have a larger abdomen in proportion to everything else. They have the shape of an orb weaver spider, not a garden spider.

    Yes, the spider killed the snake.

    Quite a small snake, but DEAR GOD, we’ve got arachnids eating reptiles now. That’s scary. Very scary.

    We’re next.

  28. That is a fucking black widow, black widows have diamond shaped red spot on their abdomen. Really kinda creepy spiders.

  29. Isn’t if funny, Molly how the one’s who rush to call others morons are usually hopelessly wrong in one way or another.

    The red-back spider of Australia latrodectus hasselleti, has the red-hourglass mark under its abdomen, as you see here, and it also has a red stripe on its back.

    The black widow spider of the Americas has the red hourglass under its abdomen, but no red stripe on its back. This is generally also true of the button-spider of South Africa, the katipo of New Zealand and the malgamitte of the Mediterranean.

    All are subspecies of the latrodectus grouping. All are venomous. The venom, being neurotoxic does not generally cause tissue damage unless a bacterium is present …which would take longer than the photo sequence shown.

    So, if the photo was taken in South Australia, it is a redback, howver, I doubt it because from what little I can see of the back, there is no red stripe.

    So Molly was probably right about the species, but wrong because she can’t tell the underside of the abdomen from the upper.

  30. I have killed four black widow spiders in the last three years. I operate high pressure steam plants for the usmc. The last black widow I killed was by a berm valve for a chemical retainment area. I thought I killed it when that sucker jumped about six inches immediatly. My heart about beat out of my chest as this was about three inches from my hand.

  31. Do you warthogs have x-ray vision, or something? None of the three pictures show the spiders BACK. You’re looking at it’s underside. The red hourglass mark plainly identifies it as a black widow. I kill dozens of them in my back yard every year.

  32. Everyone who has said this is a Red Back, or a Black Widow, have made good assumptions. What all have failed to do is READ the firs link, or the link to hoax-slayer.

    Both of them state that it is a Button Spider, and was proven to be true.

    In answer to pixel debate. All you photoshop experts out there probably know all about jpeg, and what happens when you save them to different resolutions. When you try to zoom in, pixelazation occurs.

    Try READING, and researching before posting

  33. omg, all you people that are playing that photoshopped joke out can just go wear a unitard and a helmet… IT’S GETTING OLD… :-\

  34. Here we go again…

    Good God III

    Welcome to this weeks installment of Good God! Lets not waste time and start going after the morons one more time.

    As many of you touched on already, it is the ‘belly side’ of the abdomen that the marking is on, which makes it a Button Spider as the article states.

    The snake needs no guessing of size or scale in this post, because the article also says 14cm (6 inches) long ~ about the length of a pencil.

    Spider type and snake length is here article

    ‘Muaminva’, not sure about the name, but good post.

    ‘Loves turtles’, yes they are. ^_^

    ‘Ian’, it IS a shame, and that i why i need to go on one last rant.

    Anon a Moose, sad to say, but as a fellow designer, I will have to say you are a douche. Yes it is true, and I am sure you can’t help it. It’s is funny, because I make $85-120 an hour, and there is no way in hell I am going to be working to the age of 70 like you say you are. Really, over 50 years? I think you are busted, and you have not been in the industry for that long, because then you would know the ‘pixelation’ that you describe is the degradation of having the format changed multiple times. I could recreate that ‘shifted effect’ in areas, by copy and pasting and saving it in different formats. And one last question…did you even read the articles and the investigating article not a hoax, surely not. Poor Moose though he would awe us with his 50 years, next time please do research into your field if you are going to claim so called ‘knowledge’ of such things.
    By the way, who’s the Anon after you…did you comment on your own post? lol /fail

    Alastair, that is some funny s#*t, and I don’t even what to check on that. I just want to believe that we have slow worms that have funny faces!

    David, you are a blessing to modern post and blogs, keep up the good work!

    Rastapasta, shhhhh…stop yelling.

    Again…no one asked for it, but I have given it freely – my 2 cents

  35. Cool pics. I have to say this though for those who don’t know any better. I have on many occasions killed Black Widow spiders with abdomens as big as my thumb, so yes they can get very large. For those who don’t think spider web is strong enough to support a snake I say this, A black widow spider web has a higher tinsel strength than anything else known to man. It is near impossible to break. It also happens to be what they use to make the cross hairs in a gun scope. I am not saying this is a black widow because i dont believe it is but there would not be a problem with one having a snake in her web.

  36. right…look people…turtle, we all respect your expert opinion and what not, but trust me, tis clear from the get go this isnt photoshopped, really like, if i can come to the same conclusion without going into the scrutenous detail you have it makes you really wonder who should have the degree, stop getting so worked up. But thanks anyway ;). Secondly does it really matter what kind of spider it is? In my brief time on earth i have killed. eaten, and spun a web around approxiamtely zero snakes. In my opinion that makes this thing bad ass no matter what the hell it is. It would have to grow an afro and start calling tiself Samuel L to get anymore manliness points. Thirdly and finally, PEOPLE! read up on teh interwebs plz! if you havent come across, noticed, acknowledged or God forbid used the photoshop joke by now you simply dont deserve to comment on anything! ever! really, never! its a long standing internet joke regarding any image that clearly isn’t photoshopped and is evidentaly real. At least some of you should have seen it before, especially say someone who has a Degree in 3D Modeling and Graphic Design…(no pointing any fingers)….you should know a bit about your profession’s tool of choice culture! Thank you people and good night, I trust everything is now clear. (o btw clrly shooped the pixels dont match up, teh shadows are all wrong and wheres the snakes damn teeths!?!?!!!ELEVEN)

  37. That is a redback spider, and they aren’t generally ‘very’ big, maybe half-inch to an inch across. but they are deadly, and pretty agressive. You don’t want to get bitten by one of those suckers. Great photos.

  38. The snake is a common Garter (aka: Garden, Grass) Snake, and the spider is, as most have easily noted, a Black Widow. We have both here in Florida and this scenario is not unheard of to to campers. It is rare, though since the snake is usually only about 1 to 2 feet long and non-poisonous it is prey to the very poisonous, and in this case, pretty large spider. Plus, Widows wrap their catch and bring it where they like, choosing to suspend it in most cases to keep it away from other predators. Chances are, this was not this spiders home at the time but became it after it caught the snake and chose a place to put it.

  39. lol, poor TLAD,

    I appreciate your post, but to ‘trust you’ about an opinion, is the same as believing most of the blogger’s on this post saying that it’s ‘impossible’, ‘PS’d (photoshopped)’ or listing species of snakes and spiders that are wrong. TLAD, it’s sad that you can’t read an entire post, but I challenged people that tried to bring facts or an educated decision to the table about it being PS’d and such…unlike your analogy of people having fun or adding posts joking that its PS’d, but I am sure you knew that…douche.

    TLAD, like yo, i am pointing fingers, and i do readz up on the 1n73rw3bz (interwebs for the non TLAD people), and like, I ‘respect your opinion and what not’ yo, but U lost all ‘manliness points’ with me, and I am glad to hear that you have not personally pulled silk from your ass to trap a snake…i am proud of you. For God’s sake though, how lazy do you have to be to see 20+ red scribbles under your words (I used simple words for you, since you don’t recognize the program displaying it to you) and do nothing about it? It’s called a S p e l l C h e c k e r. It takes 2 seconds to click it! I don’t even care about the grammar, but how could you see your text with all the red?

    You made my day TLAD, I can’t wait to read your next attempted blog…I need another good laugh, and I’ll end with a quote from this blog,

    “lol I love idiots. They are the next best thing to a good comedy.”

  40. Nah, I think it looks much more like somebody killed or badly wounded the snake with something sharp or heavy then dropped it in the web. It’s sort of suspicious all the way ’round because I always thought Black Widows built webs in dark, more out-of-the way places like crevices, etc.{ By suspicious I don’t necessarily mean it was photoshopped.}

  41. Info taken from story in linked page under photos:

    Spider: Female Brown Button Spider

    Snake: 14 cm (about 6 inches) Aurora House Snake

    Location: Bloemfontein, South Africa.

    What happened:
    “It is believed the snake got caught in the web on Monday night. But it did not take the spider long to bite it.A red mark on the snake’s stomach was evidence of where the spider had started eating it.

    Throughout Tuesday, the spider checked on her prey, but on Wednesday she rolled it up and started spinning a web around it. She also kept lifting it higher off the ground, while continually snacking on it. Even a fly that accidentally landed on the snake was chased off aggressively.”

  42. Ananymous, you little twat, do you have reading comprehension problems? I more or less said I don’t think it’s photoshopped. Read more carefully before you type again.

  43. turtle, you have some serious people issues if you got THAT offended by a comment (note, comment, not blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) that was directed at you in only one, arguably two places….the rest was neutral observations on everyone which unfortunately you took to heart….its ok, let those little tears out :)….nevertheless though please point out these so called spelling mistakes i made last time…or better yet, the spell checker that i ‘should’ be using that quite clearly doesnt exist unless you used word then copied and pasted…which is worrying at best…..anyhow though, i DONT await your reply as i have better things to do unlike yourself, while you’ve been sitting at your computer fingering your jap’s eye i’ve been living what you people may call a real balanced life…adios good friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW everyone else, the spider is badass

  44. tlad and turtle…you guys need to make up rawl…”fingering your japรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs eye?” that disusting dude…i had to even look that one up, but how do you know that term hermmmmm? jk jk

    now i am subcribed to this post…you guys need to keep the fued going…so turtle person, it is your go


  45. Uh, to all you people who are all like this is “photoshopped” you are idiots. First of all, that is a REALLY poisonous spider. I bet if you were to be bitten and couldn’t get medical help, you would die too. Second, if a spider will eat a bird, what makes you think it wont eat a snake? Third, look at the angle of the shot and tell me if the spider could actually create a shadow at that angle.

  46. Um, Must be tiny snake, certainly capable, we get loads of ’em here in Western Australia, Red Backs are tiny spiders but can be fatal to some humans, only a few cm’s in size at max

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