What’s The Deal With Watches Now?

One of my coworkers came in to work on Monday wearing a brand spanking new watch that he bought from hamilton watches. He was bragging about it all day long. I swear that there were times when I could have kicked him in the teeth.

He kept yapping about how his watch had a “drift angle calculator”. I had no idea what that was and I wasn’t about to ask him. I searched the term, and found out that a drift angle calculator was used by pilots to determine the angle between the heading and the track made good. I have no idea what that means, but I now know that it has something to do with flying an airplane.

As I have learned from previous conversations with this co-worker, he has never been on an airplane or helicopter before. As he was talking to another co-worker, I decided to become proactive and asked him what he planned on doing with that drift angle calculator. He said that he was going to use it the next time he was out fishing to figure out where he could stop his boat so the wind would drift him to the exact spot of his calculation…. I LOL’D… hard.

Drift angle calculator