Celebrity Obsession

What’s the deal with everyone yapping about Paris Hilton or Britney Spears all of the time? The last thing I want to hear about after a long hard day is how terrible life is for Lindsey Lohan. So awful in fact, her (and a lot of others) have been in drug rehab at one time or another. If I had cameras flashing in my face 24/7 and people putting naked photos of myself all over the internet, drugs would be an everyday thing for me also. Get over it folks. People do drugs, people get drunk. It’s life.

Please stop putting this crap on the mainstream news. If I want to see what is going on in Hollywood, or in the lives of those in Hollywood, I will tune in to that specific television show. Better yet, I will just look it up online.

Who are you? What is your passion? What is your purpose?

In an attempt to get to know my fellow bloggers a little better, I have started a new meme that I will call the 7 Ps.

Fill out the 7 Ps and tag five blogs that you read on a regular basis. Have fun!

Passion – Being a good husband
Purpose – Being a good father
Pursuit – Architecture
Position – Middle
Pummeling – Anyone in my way
Progress – Slow and steady
Personality – Procrastinator Personified

I will tag Mike, Tish, Colleen, Court, and Mr. Fab.