Who Do You Find Sexy That You Normally Wouldn’t?

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I mostly mean people in media (ie: not people in your daily life, but please feel free to share if you have a real life example). I only have a few but I am always surprised when I find myself attracted to a person I normally wouldn’t find physically attractive or sexy.

There is no order here to mine, I’m just listing.

  • That girl from the ziplock baggie commercials with the really high pitched voice. I’ve looked all over for a video of her so those of you that haven’t seen the commercial know what I am talking about, but I can’t seem to find one.
  • Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters. She is only televised via a night vision camera, or in extreme low light situations. I think that adds to the mystique.
  • Martha Stewart. I really don’t want to explain this one…But I will say that this lady knows a little bit about everything. I once watched a show where she went into a long explanation about how to get rid of acne, and she swore by it.

Speaking of TAPS, they did a show in West Virginia last year and were only a couple hours drive from where I live. They investigated the place formerly known as “Weston State Hospital”. It was an insane asylum that all the locals here are familiar with.

If you want to watch the full episode, you can do so via this link rite chere… http://www.imdb.com/video/hulu/vi2984509465/

You Call That A Stroller?

What’s the deal with baby strollers these days? My wife was in the dressing room of a store this past weekend when I was nearly run down and maimed while waiting for her in the next aisle. It was a baby stroller, but there was no baby in it. This lady had the damn thing packed to the top with shopping bags and watching her maneuver it through the tight aisles in the overcrowded store was pretty funny until she came my way.

Like I said, it was packed like the Grinch’s sleigh without a baby anywhere in sight. Yet, when I didn’t yield the entire aisle to her, she gave me one of those Armed Parent Militia coldcock stares that said, “Can’t you see I’m a fucking parent with a fucking BABY STROLLER??!!?? Move it, lardass!” She made me feel as if I needed to hire a real estate agent so I could buy myself some floor space. I noticed that other customers moved very quickly out of her way when they glimpsed the baby stroller, so I think I smell a rat.

Again, no baby (unless she’d just bought it).

Is this common where you live? Baby stroller shopping with no baby? I’ve actually seen a couple of stores place a sign out front that said, “No baby strollers, please.”

I am a proud parent myself, and I have to say that people like this tend to ruin things for those of us that actually use baby strollers to stroll our babies. On second thought, maybe she left her kid in the dressing room or something. Come to think of it, it was probably sleeping quietly under the 37 pounds of goods she was toting around.

A Package From Georgia

CLICK it to BIG it.

CLICK it to BIG it.

I arrived home Thursday evening to the stench of body odor and gasoline, and I immediately knew that my package from Georgia had arrived.

I won a contest that Heather from Confessions of a Coal Miners Granddaughter had on her blog a few weeks ago. The premise of the contest was simple. Heather posted several questions about herself, and whoever had the correct answers would win whatever crap she decided to throw out of her house.

Me, being the uber internet stalker that I am, won. I answered all the questions correctly. I think that it stems from the fact that she too, used to be a fellow Mountaineer.

The package contained the following items:

  • A bag of Starbucks coffee.
  • A Georgia shot glass.
  • A Georgia peach keychain.
  • A postcard that read “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.”
  • A book of more Georgia postcards.
  • The movie Deliverance.
  • The famous “Confessions of a Coal Miners Granddaughter T-Shirt“.
  • Two green grapes.
  • One blue bowl.
  • And a partridge in a pear tree.

Everything but the kitchen sink (or should I say kitchen faucets was in there). A lot more than what I expected.

Thanks for all the stuff Heather. I could have lived without all the baby vomit on the shirt though. I get enough of that here.

Vexing Yet Pointless Questions

Everyone seems to have those questions that have no bearing what so ever on life, yet still seem to bug you. Given the vast pool of useless info available here on the internet, it seems that these answers would be easy to find, but it isn’t always that easy. So, I here by declare this the pointless question post / comment area. If you see a question and you know the answer, fill us in. If you have one, ask it.

My question is when you drink grape juice and then pee, why isn’t your pee purple?

Which Aspect Of Pornography Turns You On?

My favorite kind of tits.

Click to see my favorite kind of tits.

I would like for both the men and women to reply to this. That’s right, women to. We all know you get turned on by porn to. And don’t be afraid about using various words or phrases in your comments to explain yourself. I consider this to be an “R” rated blog, so feel free to express yourself as you see fit.

For me, it the tits. I love watching tits bounce up and down. There’s really no other way to put it. I like boobs, any size, as long as there is movement in them. But that’s not all, it’s the whole scenario. The actions and reactions of the couple to each other. The sound is a turn on if it’s real. If it’s over the top and seems like acting (80’s porn), it needs to be muted. I think one of the most important things is that it’s got to seem real.

And for some reason I’m not really into the whole girl/girl thing. I know a lot of guys talk about that, but it really just looks / feels strange to me. I like the good ol’ standby hetero stuff. I once saw a porno and they were using english saddles in ways that I would find it hard to imagine.

So what about you guys / gals? Do you get turned on by porn, and if so, which aspect of it?

And please, be honest. I know you girls love to watch the titties bounce also.