Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man…!

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I was browsing my buddy Canuckleheads photo blog and pushing the thumbs up button on my stumbleupon toolbar time and time again as I viewed what he has posted. Then I came across this photo:


A LOL’d like a chump champ. I would love to do this sometime, especially in some fancy, schmancy Las Vegas hotel. Even if I didn’t wait 30 minutes, I would love to do this. The next time I am at a restaurant and my waiter or waitress doesn’t keep my drink filled, I will give them a tip written on the table in ketchup and mustard.

Oh yes, there will be photos. 😈

Flatuphobia – I Knew There Had To Be A Name For This!

Anonymous Sports Betting

love_to_fart.jpgHave you ever been in a situation where you have had a problem with flatulence and become a social outcast after just one mistake? Have you accidentally let one slip at a board room meeting and been demoted or even sacked? Ever broken wind at a religious service and been banished from all further gatherings? We are a support group who deals with these incidents of victimization and provides victims with support, advice and encouragement.

I am sooo glad that I found this group! I think I may have Flatuphobia!

This story is from Kate
“I had worked at Tobin Brothers in five years. During one funeral I accidentally let one rip and sent the whole congregation into hysterics. But my boss didn’t think it was funny and I was given notice a week later. They said the reason for my sacking was my poor attitude but I am certain it was due to my flatulence problem.”

I feel for you Kate. I really do.

This story is from Jenny
“Me, my brother and my boyfriend went to a restaurant a few days ago. My brother farted, and said to my boyfriend, ‘Jen, stop farting’. Now my boyfriend doesn’t seem to take me seriously any more and mocks me because of the restaurant incident.”

This too, has happened to me. Stay strong Jenny, we can make it through this together.

This story is from Martin
“As a kid my mother thought I had a problem with flatulence. She made me eat these charcoal tablets which were supposed to get rid of the problem. They had the side effect of causing explosive diarrhea which was worse than the cause.”

Explosive Diarrhea? O’Cmon, Now your just being silly!

Several years ago I frequently traveled on small commuter aircraft. Frequently I suffered abdominal discomfort due to the build up of intestinal gas during these early evening flights, but held release of said gas in check till I could dash to the restroom upon arrival at my destination. About ten minutes into a relatively bumpy flight one evening I was going over various books, and the cabin suddenly became a tunnel of containment for an outrageously foul smelling odor. Obvious to all in the crowded cabin, a passenger had silently relieved themselves of thousands of cubic feet of abdominal gas. Comments such as “open a window” . . , “where’s the gas masks” . . , “who messed their pants” . . , “whew,” where heard coming from fore, center and aft of the cabin. Passenger coughing and gasping were common place. Being I was feeling elevated levels of gas realted abdominal discomfort at the time, I decided I no longer needed to wait till I got to the airport restroom to dissapate my discomfort causing gas. To take containment pressure off my buttocks, I leaned towards the center aisle as though to look down the cabin, and with deep concentration manged to silently contribute to the foul odor permeating the air in the cabin. Whilst in this position I said loud enough to be head fore and aft, “Would the person who fouled the air in here please leave the aircraft by the nearest exit.” Laughter broke out and various versions of “A helluva an idea” or “Ah-men,” were heard. I sat back in my seat feeling better and joined what had become open conversation of what to do when confronted with gas pains, at 15,000 feet in a small commuter plane. A couple of passengers were visibly angered by the gassing they had been subject to and were verbally nasty. Me? Although I felt the guy or gal that started it all were uncouth, I had the smug grin of “successfull relief of discomort” on my face.


The Nintendo Wii Project

A joint venture between Canucklehead and I has began. We have created a Nintendo Wii oriented magazine style website. If you would like to see it, it is located at http://www.mywiinews.com. Even though there are a lot of miles between the two of us, our desire for all things Wii is the same.

With the Wii becoming ever more popular, it was a logical choice to create this. If you have a Wii, or know someone who does, please take a moment, visit our new site, leave a comment, and stumble it if you think it is worth it.


My Wii News