Who Do You Find Sexy That You Normally Wouldn’t?

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I mostly mean people in media (ie: not people in your daily life, but please feel free to share if you have a real life example). I only have a few but I am always surprised when I find myself attracted to a person I normally wouldn’t find physically attractive or sexy.

There is no order here to mine, I’m just listing.

  • That girl from the ziplock baggie commercials with the really high pitched voice. I’ve looked all over for a video of her so those of you that haven’t seen the commercial know what I am talking about, but I can’t seem to find one.
  • Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters. She is only televised via a night vision camera, or in extreme low light situations. I think that adds to the mystique.
  • Martha Stewart. I really don’t want to explain this one…But I will say that this lady knows a little bit about everything. I once watched a show where she went into a long explanation about how to get rid of acne, and she swore by it.

Speaking of TAPS, they did a show in West Virginia last year and were only a couple hours drive from where I live. They investigated the place formerly known as “Weston State Hospital”. It was an insane asylum that all the locals here are familiar with.

If you want to watch the full episode, you can do so via this link rite chere… http://www.imdb.com/video/hulu/vi2984509465/

15 thoughts on “Who Do You Find Sexy That You Normally Wouldn’t?”

  1. I have always had a thing for somewhat older women, so I guess all of my picks go in that direction. These are in no particular order:

    1) I used to have a thing for the mom from Home Improvemennt–Patricia Richardson.

    2) I was in love with Scully–Gillian Anderson–from the X-Files when I was twelve.

    3) Lately I have found myself attracted to Nigella Lawson from the Food Network. For those who don’t know her. She is a very curvaceous and uber feminine British lady, who is not only stunningly attractive, but she can also cook a up a mean bit of Spotted Dick (a traditional English Christmas Pudding) as well.

  2. I am nearly 5 foot 10, so I am attracted to men who are quite a bit taller than myself. However, I love, love, love Angus Young (from AC/DC). And I’m not sure if he even breaks the 5 foot plane. I’m also straight, but have a fierce girl-crush on Patricia (or as we call her Pa-titty) Arquette.

    Evil Twin’s Wifes last blog post..Another Gloomy Day

  3. ETW:

    Could you elaborate on your love of Angus Young? Is it a bad boy thing, or a school boy thing? If it is the latter, you may have invented an entirely new fantasy. I mean practically every man has the school girl fantasy, but you could be the first woman to have a school boy fantasy.

    Someone could probably right a really interesting discertation on this topic.

  4. Garrick – it’s really just because I think he has a handsome face. He doesn’t even have the facial features I would normally find attractive… but there’s just something about him. He has a nice smile….perhaps that’s it.

    Evil Twin’s Wifes last blog post..Another Gloomy Day

  5. Lets see…..That chick that rode the bull in the ‘Hardee’s/Carls’ commercial eatin that hamburger..she was hot but I would think so even in ‘daily life’. Patricia Heaton in ‘Everybody loves Raymond’….always thought she was very doable. Also, those backup singers in the Robert Palmer ‘Addicted To Love’ music vid…ya know, slicked back dark hair and super red lipstick…whoa baby.

    Efens last blog post..Federal Buyout…..

  6. ETW – Angus Young? I find that almost as strange as my infatuation with Martha Stewart.

    Efen – I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I watched the “Addicted To Love” video in the privacy of my own bedroom when I was growing up.

    CMG – “Heather likes Leland! Heather likes Leland!”

    Tim – I’m gonna have to have a look at this food network girl. Rachael Ray is the only one on there that I have paid any attention to.

  7. I think Rachael Ray is physically attractive, but I cannot get past her irksome voice and pestiferously perky personality.

    Then there is the Italian lady–Giada Delarentau–she is cute too, but I have seen her cleavage so many times it no longer has any positive affect on me.

    Oh, but then there is the lovely Nigella, who combines physical beauty with a pleasant personality and keen wit. I guess the fact that she once stated that all women have a desire to have relations with other women might help as well.

    There is a gallery of her photos on her site nigella.com

    I find the one in which she is wearing a very “tight” t-shirt which reads English Muffin to be especially exciting.

  8. ANGUS YOUNG! He is soooooooo sexy especially when he does on of his infamous strip tease acts… I am inlove with him.. sure he could be my grandfather but who could possibly resist that schoolboy charm???

  9. omfg. ANGUS YOUNG. he is the most sexiest guy on the planet. i dont understand why i’m SO attracted to him!
    i love his school boy outfit. it kinda makes him seem a lot younger then he is. 😀 and i mean hes so dangerous looking!
    hehe. i love angus……. and i dont care that hes old enough to be my dad!

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