5 thoughts on “Camel Toads FTW”

  1. Camel TOADS. LOL. I can’t even believe that made the headline! Here’s what I don’t get: Why scoping out camel toads or (for females) “bulges” even matters. It’s not like those two things are any indication of what you might actually be getting. A camel toad that in reality looks like a roast beef sandwich is no prize, just as a bulge is no real indication of actual size. (Hey! I’m a poet!)

    Evil Twin’s Wifes last blog post..Another Gloomy Day

  2. ETW – A roast beef sandwich!?! HA! You slay me!

    Efen – Moose knuckles? I have eaten pickled pigs knuckles…lol

    Slick – At least she was right about “licking” them. 😉

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