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  1. At least she did manage to get his name correct, which is more than I can say for most people.

    I guess it wouldn’t help to inform them that both the names Barrack and Hussein are Hebrew words, and not Arabic. And that if they went to Israel they would find quite a few men named Barrack and Hussein. We have actually have had quite a few famous Americans whose names were of Hebrewic origin: Abraham Lincoln and Omar Bradley being the two most prominent.

    How many safety violations were they violating? It appeared as if they had three adults and a dog on a four-wheeler. In addition, they all seemed to be quite annebriated and high on something.

    I think I know how this story ends–a news headline reading something like, “Three Die In ATV Accident After Hitting Tractor And Trailer Head On While On Thier Way To GoMart At 3:00am For Cigarettes And Beer.”

    The problem in America is that we have made our society entirely too safe. In a properly functioning society people such as the ones featured in the video would have removed themselves from the gene pool via starvation or mass suicide at the bequest of some end of the world soothsayer; unfortunately, we now guarantee that everyone has a right to get as fat as they want to, and we also frown on the doomsday cult leaders.

    Can we please, please, please, please implement an IQ test before we allow people to vote, have kids, speak in public, run for public office, etc.?

    Of course, I am being somewhat sarcastic and possibly faciscious. Although, at this point I can’t say to what degree.

  2. I really need to start proofreading my post before I hit submit. I just realized that my first post is riddled with errors and nonsensical phrasing.

  3. Did the guy who was sitting on the front of the fourwheeler sound like “Boomhauer” from King of the Hill or what?

    And don’t worry too much about your grammar here. I don’t think there are any grammar Nazi’s that read this blog. If there were, they would be on my case all the time.

    I strive to type out the correct words to get my point across, and that is pretty much it.

  4. LOL….Boomhauer……thats it!! After watching this, I swear I feel like I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. And…wtf was up with the guy in the back?? Is he on a ‘Wanted List’ or sumthin?

    Efens last blog post..Hookerween

  5. Boomhauer…..”maaaaan I tell tell tell you you you what what them iiiiiissssss sooome plain ol ol ol white trash. I tell you what.”

    I noticed the peculiar behavior of the guy in the rear as well. I couldn’t figure out if he thought he was a celebirty or what. Given the area, I think he is probably on the run from one or more of his “baby’s mommas,” and thus he is trying to hide his face to allude child support payments.


    Not too long ago I read about a gentelman who was sentenced to a rather lengthy prison term for defacing signs in a national park. Apparently, some of the signs had grammar and/or spelling errors and the guy was caught painting over the mistakes.

    I think the funniest thing has to be the signs at used car lots in WV that read, “we buy, SALE, and trade.” For some reason this error is prevalent throughout the southern part of the state.

  6. Efen – For about the first 30 seconds, he’s actually looking at the camera, and talking to it, before he decides to hide behind his hand.

    ETW – Please don’t ever come here and correct my typos. If spellchecker don’t catch it, it works for me!

    Garrick – I suspect you are right about the child support payments. And I will also shamefully say that when I read your “we buy, SALE, and trade” comment, I thought there was nothing wrong with it. It took me a while…silly West Virginians!

  7. The chap at the front – most definitely Boomhauer LOL I think the guy at the back may have realised how daft the other two sound and was trying to disassociate himself from them.

    Came here via EC BTW

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