Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Universal Dashboard Windshield Car Mount Review

Aduro U-GRIP PLUSI have been researching car mounts for my smartphone since I first had one. Good ones are hard to find. The ones I have had kept failing and I just got tired of them not working.

I saw this dashboard / window mount called the Aduro U-GRIP PLUS on amazon and the reviews of the product really intrigued me. I went ahead and purchased one that was on sale for $12.99 and I was not disappointed. Not only does this device mount look good, it works great, even on the textured dash in my car. The suction cup has a type of gel that suctions great to textured dashes. It has not fallen down since installation, and it holds my large phone nice and snug. I highly recommend this item.

Product Features

  • Universal Car Mount for most Phones. Quickly and easily mount and unmount your phone or device.
  • Fits most Phones with 3.5 to 5.3 inch screens. Adjustable 360° viewing angles.
  • Single-handed operation. No more hassle putting your phone or device on the mount.
  • Package includes: 1 Car Mount, 1 3M Tape* (used for breathable surface material), Instructions.

Here are some of the reviews:

I highly recommend this product. It has made me able get rid of my Garmin and my bluetooth. I have had no issues with it and it is very easy to use with one hand. I have the largest Otterbox case on my phone and there are no issues with the Aduro holding it firmly. Great Product!

Pros: Suction is strong, grip is sturdy and I can place the phone into it with one hand, price is very reasonable, construction seems like it would last a while, very easy to rotate the phone to landscape and portrait, and the grip should fit most smart phones (but there seems to be a trend with manufacturers to make larger phones, so it might not fit every new phone that will be released).

Cons: I have to use both hands to get the phone out of the mount (can be annoying since I can place my phone into it with one hand). A con for me, but maybe not for you; I would have preferred if the interior grip color was black instead of red. No stars taken out because of these cons. I knew the interior was red before purchasing it, and using two hands to take the phone off the mount shows the sturdiness of the U-Grip.

Other comments: I have a 2012 Honda Civic. The dashboard design is very odd, so I wanted the strongest suction mount I could find. I used to use a mount that goes into the CD slot of the stereo, but it covered a few of the buttons on the radio, seemed to put too much tension on the CD slot, and the grip malfunctioned every now and then. I decided I needed a mount that I can put on the dashboard, so I did some research and chose this item. I’m glad I did. Since the Civic’s dashboard is quirky, I have found only one spot on the dash (towards the left of the radio) that this suctions to very solidly. It does the job very well.

I would highly recommend the U-Grip to anyone looking for a solid car mount for their phone or portable GPS.

There are hundreds more reviews on amazon if you are still undecided. GO check it out!