Strange Google Searches

I like to check in every now and again to see what keywords people are using on any particular day whilst performing their google searches. I was looking this morning, and I noticed that the term “apples and oranges” was one of the top search trends from yesterday. That naturally piqued my interest. It is a fairly common phrase and I hear it a lot in the office. I quickly clicked on the link to see what the related searches were. That is when things took a turn in a direction that I hadn’t really thought of before. I captured an image to share with you. Pay special attention to what it says under “Related Searches”.

fruit up my ass?

The first thing that popped into my mind was “Why would someone be searching for the phrase Fruit Up My Ass?” But even more interesting than that was the fact that there is a url right beside that phrase, and that URL is Then I began to think, “Hey, maybe this ass fruit stuff is pretty popular. Maybe it’s a fetish that I have never heard about. Maybe I’m really missing out on something fantastic!” Couple that with me being the most curious person I know, I simply couldn’t resist the temptation.

I prepared myself before I clicked by exercising my eyelid reflexes. You never when you might have to close your eyes quickly…especially when viewing a sight like this. A quick glance around the room to make sure the wife was nowhere around, and I quickly clicked the link. What I found was not at all what I expected to find.

Did I see fruit going in someones ass? No, I did not. Did I see fruit that had came out of someones ass? Not since this morning….nope. What I saw was the Comedy Central homepage. Go ahead and click the link above. See for yourself.

This begs the question, “Why does redirect to the Comedy Central homepage? And, if doesn’t actually have those pictures just where would I go to find them?”

What is also interesting is that a lot of people seem to be searching for Butters new song called What What In The Butt, or What What In My Butt.