Auto-Urine Therapy

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Have any of you ever heard about this before? One of my co-workers has actually told me previously (he’s into crazy organic medicine and crap like that) that one is supposed to drink their second pee of the day, because somehow it is good for you? Or something? I really haven’t read too much into it, and something tells me drinking my second daily liquid elimination won’t lower my individual health insurance rates, but I found this image today:

Click for bigger more READABLE version.
Click for bigger more READABLE version.

Notice that it says “If we can drink the urine from cows, why can’t we drink our own urine?” So I ask to you, dear readers, how do you feel about drinking urine? Have you ever drank urine? And even worse, have you ever drank cow urine?

I may have to do a little research on this urine-drinking. My interest is piqued.