The Flu Mist Made Me Sick

I was at the doctor on Nov. 7th for routine maintenance and told me that since I live in a house with small children, I simply must get a flu shot or risk the kids getting sick from me if I were to get sick. My wife had a flu shot (READ: DEAD FLU VIRUS) a week earlier.

I was expecting a flu shot, but the nurse brings in a “Flu Mist” (READ: LIVE FLU VIRUS) which she says is much better than the shot because it lasts for an entire year. The alternative shot only lasts for three months. She also stated that my two year old daughter would be getting the mist also because it’s much easier to squirt something up a kids nose vs. giving them a shot.

I tilt my head back, and get misted in one nostril, then the other. Pinkster gets the same.

About an hour later, my nose began dripping. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Pinkster was having the same problem.

It has now been almost two weeks, and my eyes are watering, my head is pounding, my sinuses are clogged for a while, then they are leaky for a while, and I haven’t been able to sleep for a week now. Pinkster seems to be doing better than me.

I am drinking plenty of Vitamin C, and eating well, but I can’t kick this shit.

I wasn’t told prior to receiving the mist that it was a live virus. Nothing was said about it. It wasn’t until the nurse was leaving the room when she handed me a paper with possible side effects from the “LIVE VIRUS”.

One of the side effects was “Flu Like Symptoms”. Fuck Me.

It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out that putting a live flu virus up a persons nose will give them Flu Like Symptoms.

It should have read “Common Cold Like Symptoms” because that is more what it feels like.

The Sniffling, Sneezing, Aching, Coughing, Stuffy-head, Fever, Give yourself a cold medicine.

But hey, at least I am supposed to be moderately protected from getting the flu! And the longer I stay sick, the less likely I’ll need something like Leptovox.