The Flu Mist Made Me Sick

I was at the doctor on Nov. 7th for routine maintenance and told me that since I live in a house with small children, I simply must get a flu shot or risk the kids getting sick from me if I were to get sick. My wife had a flu shot (READ: DEAD FLU VIRUS) a week earlier.

I was expecting a flu shot, but the nurse brings in a “Flu Mist” (READ: LIVE FLU VIRUS) which she says is much better than the shot because it lasts for an entire year. The alternative shot only lasts for three months. She also stated that my two year old daughter would be getting the mist also because it’s much easier to squirt something up a kids nose vs. giving them a shot.

I tilt my head back, and get misted in one nostril, then the other. Pinkster gets the same.

About an hour later, my nose began dripping. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Pinkster was having the same problem.

It has now been almost two weeks, and my eyes are watering, my head is pounding, my sinuses are clogged for a while, then they are leaky for a while, and I haven’t been able to sleep for a week now. Pinkster seems to be doing better than me.

I am drinking plenty of Vitamin C, and eating well, but I can’t kick this shit.

I wasn’t told prior to receiving the mist that it was a live virus. Nothing was said about it. It wasn’t until the nurse was leaving the room when she handed me a paper with possible side effects from the “LIVE VIRUS”.

One of the side effects was “Flu Like Symptoms”. Fuck Me.

It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out that putting a live flu virus up a persons nose will give them Flu Like Symptoms.

It should have read “Common Cold Like Symptoms” because that is more what it feels like.

The Sniffling, Sneezing, Aching, Coughing, Stuffy-head, Fever, Give yourself a cold medicine.

But hey, at least I am supposed to be moderately protected from getting the flu! And the longer I stay sick, the less likely I’ll need something like Leptovox.

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  1. Don’t you know that flu shots are just some vast government conspiracy to make us all dumb and subservient?

    At least that is what I have garnered from my years of listening to alternative radio and reading the internet.

    I mean come on Bucky!!! You have to be smarter than this. You should have taken some uber super duper medicinal herbs and then stood on your head for four days after you had completed a twelve hour session of accupuncture.

  2. You must not take flumist it will kill you, please take high doses of vitamin C IV 300g a day for 3 days. Stay on high doses of vitamin C pills 100,000mg -300,000mg a day.
    Good luck warning to all don’t get the flu shot or mist in the nose. It will kill you and your family.

  3. The flumist made my daughter, age 5 so sick that she had to be put in the hospital. It is crap that it cannot make you sick. It did her very much. It was awful. I didn’t know how to handle this year because she is terrified of needles (the IV she had to get in the hospital need not remind her of that!!!)
    And then I found out today that she SHOULD NOT received the flu mist this year or no one else should in my family for another reason. I have a close family member with a comprimised immune sysytem due to a heart transplant. So, there goes that idea anyway. Shot— here we come.

    1. My husband got this flumist, and suffered a cold. A few days later I, 4 months pregnant, suffered a horrible head cold and weakness. At the same time, our 6 month old son – whom I do not vax because of this crazy shit (hubby was forced through military) contracted the virus and had it for an entire week. He could barely breathe and was soiling an abundance of diapers. The next time I was at my birthing center, they offered me the shot in a preservative free form. When I declined I explained to the midwife my troubles from my husband and she seemed appalled that my husband was asked to take it when we have not only a 6 month old but also a pregnancy in the home.

  4. The flu mist made my husband (who rarely if ever gets sick) SICK SICK SICK with severe cold like symptoms. He felt horrible the minute the mist was administered, and his nose started running. He had chills and was sweating the day after, and missed several days of work. He vows to never get the mist again.

    We know of a youngster who also got the flu mist, and that youngster was out sick from school with a fever. What is the point of getting the mist to prevent illness when all it did was create illness? Perhaps the mist works fine for some, but for the ones we know who got the mist, the mist just made us sick. “Live” virus… hmmm… doesn’t it take just a tiny itty bit of “live” virus to make someone ill? We won’t be “misting” anytime soon again.

  5. I had the flu mist last week, no cold symptoms whatsoever and no one in my household has been sick. Now all of a sudden I am terribly sick with cold symptoms.

  6. I just happened to come across this blog…No it’s not conspiracy that the shots and mist are harmful. You folks should check out Dr. Shirley Tenpenny she has the Vaccine Information System. She is a board certified doctor. There are more and more like her coming forward with what is going on with big pharm. While the live virus is bad news, it’s all of the adjuvants that are hurting folks. What are adjuvants? It’s things like squalene that cranks up the shots potency. The side effect of adjuvants is that they attack the body – in the case of squalene it is prevalent in your body (an oil) so when added to a shot or mist – the body learns to attack squalene (fibro, allergies and a host a modern day ailments are the result). So the live viruses are not good, the adjuvants are not good and then you find out all of the strange by products. Mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and the list goes on and on and the kicker are the squamous or cancer cells that bind to the human body. Do some research folks – wake up. Just check out the ingredient list on these vaccines – it’s not hidden. Lastly, check out Baxter Pharm – they have a no bid contract to produce vaccine, but were busted a few months back with vaccine contaminated with the deadly avain strain – it was impossible for it to have been an accident. It was reported all over the world but not in the US.

    1. the flu vaccines do not have adjuvants. They do not use adjuvants in vaccines in the US- they use them in other countries- so there goes your theory. Also- the flu mist spray does not contain any thermerisol (which is the preservative that everyone freaks out about even though there is no scientific evidence to that shows it is harmful) or other preservatives. The flu shot does. It seems to me that people do not trust science and I think that is mainly because they don’t understand science or research, but when they are ill, they depend on medical science to save their lives. Strange world we live in.

      1. sorry emily – caveat emptor is alive and well. Trust science when it is a profit driven enterprise? There are many of us who understand science and research. I started out in pre-med, I read extensively, hold an advanced degree and work in high tech.

        Trust science, trust your government is where you are dead wrong. Science is not about trust! It’s about empirical evidence to support/prove a theory. The tried and true scientific method is not about trust – it’s about proving your case. Corporate interest who have infiltrated govt. and science have convinced a new generation (perhaps like you) that the scientific method is no longer applicable.

        Having said this…have you read the insert on US flu vaccine? The manufacturer inserts are available on Tenpenny’s site. Also, Dr. Mitchell Roby (host on a cable show) retracted his recommendation for NY nursers (who protested the shot – oh yeah, another uninformed group of conspiracy theorist) to get the flu shot – why the retraction? – he decided to read the manufacturers insert, which clearly states:

        – the vaccines have squalene and mercury – in the US
        – the efficacy of the vaccine has not been proven!
        – no test have been done to determine reaction with other vaccines (but they tell you to get the H1N1 and seasonal)
        – no test have been done to determine impact on fetus (yet pregnant women are a target group – I have a site that exposes an exploding number of miscarriages post-vaccination)
        – could cause neurological disorder (GB syndrome) (how many more folks need to be paralyzed like the NFL cheerleader and the kid featured on AOL?)
        – could impact reproduction

        The list goes on and on. This comes from the manufacturers insert – but you sit here on some fuzzy logic, new age high horse telling us to trust science.

        Of course people turn to medical science to save their lives – but that has nothing to do with exposing fraud and rejecting what may actually cause harm. It’s all about honest, informed consent.

        I guess the funny part about your statement is that I guess I do trust science (big pharm) to the extent that I read and believe from their own statements (Read the Insert!) that the shot has not been proven to be effective against the flu and it could cause me serious harm.

        I have reports from top neurologist that have proven that mercury (a deadly neurotoxin) plays a roll in vaccine/autism injury – but has been covered up, despite the exploding numbers of autism post vaccination. It is a crime of epic proportions.

        And guess what? They told folks that new stocks of the vaccine were mercury free – )never mind the aluminum, formaldehyde and other toxic substances), but they don’t tell you that they would first use up the millions of doses of existing stock that had the mercury. Some clinics are using the same old vaccine – while they will tell you that today pharm only produces mercury free – and then you find out that the new stuff has the crap in it. Wake Up!

  7. dude fuck the mist!!
    im sick as fuck now and cant do anythin. i have school tom. and i bet i wont make it through the day! if i would have known it was just going to make me sick i would have never got it! ya digg? 🙂

  8. I just took the flu-mist. Immediately I developed a mild temperature that lasted about 1-2 hours and a “colder” tickly throat. Then nothing – then the following day I woke up with severe throatpain and sniffles. Following day, throat pain gone but now have a full blown runny nose. Taking ibruprofen at night and ibuprofen and pseudofed during the day which helps but still leaves me congested. Expect this to clear in the next 3 days but never experienced these side-effects with a flushot by injection and will not be taking the flu-mist again.

  9. people this is the same as pc virus companies .. marketing! profit!

    they create virus so we need them and their “savior” antiviral software!

    here is the same deal!!

    phama companies are companies in they core.. they have one goal in their core to survive! -> PROFIT!

    How do they profit? by keeping us ill! our illness is their business! period!

    like death is the business to a undertaker! capishe??

    and just cause some suited phama dude goes up on tv and says there is a virus but they have a cure … im NOT running to the drug store to take it!!!!

    dont believe on everything you see on TV… please….

    a vaccine is a prevention method NOT a cure! you want prevention??? wash your hands!!

    not saying the virus does not exist.. GOd knows what they have being doing in their labs the last few yeas… -> mad cow.. bird flu.. sheep flu ocurred also.. and now they blame the pigs!

    whats next? dinosaur flu??

    people.. think!! but this vaccines is marketing.. pure marketing! profit!

    i have a instinct AND my human instinct screams with every cell not to take this vaccine!

    besides they make the law and the law states they shall not be responsible for any damaged cause by the vaccine!

    C’MON! Just the fact that OBAMA REF– USED TO HAVE HIS daughters Vaccinated should tell you something!!!


  10. Sandy, from your CDC link:
    “Seasonal influenza vaccines used in the United States do not contain adjuvants.”

    As for FluMist, I took it one year, and promptly got the published side effects, which happen to correspond to the symptoms of a light flu. I felt miserable for a week.

    They actually take a really weak flu, bred to only survive in cold temperatures (so it won’t get into your lungs), then attach harmless pieces of the flu they are targeting, so your immune system thinks it sees the harmful flu develops antibodies against it. The problem is that some people (like me) react to the weak flu FluMist is based on. It supposedly happens to about 10% of recipients. I’ve heard that they are constantly improving the ‘attenuated flu virus’ that FluMist is based on, so maybe things are better now.

    I’ve heard that when you get these symptoms from FluMist, it is called “Catching The FluMist Flu”.

    I’ll stick to the shot from now on.

  11. STAY AWAY FROM THE MIST !! I hate the crap !! When I was married to my husband he was in the Army and they would give him the mist he would come home and kiss me and I would end up with the flu I thought it was just by chance . Well this yr my daughters pediatrician gave her a choice wether to get mist or shot and naturally she chose the mist. And kissed her good nite and now today I’m freaking sick !!

  12. Got the FluMist almost 5 weeks ago, and I’m still not over it! I’ve been coughing up my lungs every morning since! Went to the docs, they gave me some meds; still not over it entirely. The Doc said “…some other bacteria must have taken advantage of your immune system when we gave you the FluMist…” (I’m in the military, so I’m supposed to believe all this–isn’t “flu” a virus, not a form of bacteria?). There’s no way I could pass a fit test at this point either…haven’t even thought about a two-mile run…GeeZ! Pushups? Situps? Hah! Bottom line people: stay the hell away from FluMist unless you have no choice — I suppose you could be a “conscientious objector” in the military though…. As always, try to have as much fun as you can! Life is frikkin’ short people!

  13. I gave my baby and myself the shot and my two boys then 7 and 4. They both got super sick with flu like symptoms a few days later! I will never do mist again . But am open to inactive shots

  14. My wife and 11 yr old daughter both got the FluMist and both got madly sick for about a week. Our 2 yr old daughter got the shot and did NOT get sick. I’m passing any vaccine this year, I’m tired of all this deception from Big Pharm.

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