I Miss My GPS

I used to have a Magellan GPS that I used for Geocaching. The wife and I absolutely loved going Geocaching. We used to make a weekend out of it. Then came the time when we lost our handheld GPS.

Were not sure if we left it at a Geocache, or if someone swiped it out of the car. My name, address, and phone number was on the startup screen, but if it was stolen, I guess that doesn’t do much good. A thief is a thief. That has put an end to our Geocaching. We haven’t splurged and bought a new GPS yet.

I have been slowly and methodically putting together my Christmas list that I will have to turn in to my wife soon. I found a few nice GPS that I am fond of. I am still debating on whether or not I want another Magellan, or if I would like to try out one of the Garmin units. Both manufacturers seem to have their own die-hard fanboys, a lot like the video game industry does.

I would also like to have a navigation unit for the car, but maybe I shouldn’t press my luck too much…. 🙂