I Miss My GPS

I used to have a Magellan GPS that I used for Geocaching. The wife and I absolutely loved going Geocaching. We used to make a weekend out of it. Then came the time when we lost our handheld GPS.

Were not sure if we left it at a Geocache, or if someone swiped it out of the car. My name, address, and phone number was on the startup screen, but if it was stolen, I guess that doesn’t do much good. A thief is a thief. That has put an end to our Geocaching. We haven’t splurged and bought a new GPS yet.

I have been slowly and methodically putting together my Christmas list that I will have to turn in to my wife soon. I found a few nice GPS that I am fond of. I am still debating on whether or not I want another Magellan, or if I would like to try out one of the Garmin units. Both manufacturers seem to have their own die-hard fanboys, a lot like the video game industry does.

I would also like to have a navigation unit for the car, but maybe I shouldn’t press my luck too much…. 🙂


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  1. Hi Bucky – this post left me wanting to learn more about geocaching. I did a search at your blog here and this was the only post that was returned.

    Geocaching sounds like a lot of fun. Does it work with any GPS, like the one that comes with the Microsoft Streets & Trips (we’ve had one of those for awhile). What’s the best website to learn more about and get involved with geocaching? Sure, I can just Google the topic , but reading from somebody who has actually done it is equally valuable.

    A response here will draw me back, I left the box checked below 😉

  2. Geocaching is extremely fun and addictive.

    The best place to learn more about it is here at:

    You can type in your zip code and immediately see caches within minutes from your house. Caches that you have never even known about.

    What is a cache? A cache is a small box or can with “treasure” in it. There is also a log book. The owner of the cache fills it with goodies and a log book, takes it out in the woods or park, and hides it. They take the coordinates with their GPS and write them down.

    When they get back to their house, they go to http://www.geocaching.com/ and create a new cache. Other people will be able to view the coordinates online, and download them to their GPS. They can then head out in search of the cache. Once they find it, (and they’re not always easy), they take an item from the cache, and leave an item. They also sign the logbook, date it… etc.

    They can then log back into their geocaching.com account and log that geocache as found. They can also leave a comment about how easy / hard it was to find, or leave a photo of themselves with the cache.

    Be forewarned, it is hard to stop geocaching. It is a highly addictive game of hide and seek using a mix of some awesome technology.

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