I Need To Cash This $360 Billion Check, And I Need It In Small Bills

Billion Dollar Bill

An aspiring record label owner is singing the blues after he was arrested last week for allegedly trying to pass a $360 billion check at a Fort Worth bank.

Employees at the Chase Bank at 8601 S. Hulen St. grew suspicious after seeing all those zeros (10 to be exact) and called the check’s owner. The woman said the suspect, Charles Ray Fuller, 21, of Crowley, is her daughter’s boyfriend and that he did not have permission to take the check or cash it.

Fuller was arrested on suspicion of fraud, along with unlawfully carrying a weapon and possession of marijuana after officers found less than 2 ounces of the drug and a .25-caliber handgun and magazine in his pockets.

While inside a patrol car, police say Fuller blurted out that he is starting his own record label and had been given the money by his girlfriend’s mother to help him start it.

Apparently breaking into the music business does not come cheap.

Luckily for him, bail was a lot less expensive. Fuller was released from Mansfield Jail on Thursday after posting $3,750 bail.

By some rough calculations, even if he had received the sum in $1,000 bills, the payout would have weighed 1,188 tons.

How’d You Get That Skeleton Up In Your Tree?

Skeleton In A TreeHow no one smelled the horror that authorities say may have been up in Glenn Parker’s overgrown tree for a year is a mystery, but the partially mummified body made itself known last week.

Tree trimmers cutting branches so BellSouth crews could service phone lines cleared enough foliage to let Parker spot a skeleton in the tree Friday, he said.

“I hope I don’t find another one,” said Parker, 45, on Monday.

Luckily, he said, there are no more large trees in his backyard.

Investigators removed a skeleton that had apparently been hanging in the tree since last year.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said the remains are likely those of someone who committed suicide, and foul play is not suspected.