4 Upcoming Major Sports Events Not to Be Missed

While sports fans have already enjoyed many fantastic sporting events in 2018, there are still plenty more to come throughout the remainder of the year for football, tennis, and golf fans.

If you want to ensure you don’t miss one moment of the action, check out the following four upcoming major sports events that are not to be missed.


  • US Open (Tennis)


The historic US Open Tennis Tournament will take place between August 27th to September 9th at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. It is the only Grand Slam held in the United States each year and has been played since 1881.

Tennis fans cannot only watch some of the greatest players on the court, but they can also visit the Queens Museum, which offers breath-taking views of New York. Also, you will be a stone’s throw away from some of the best attractions in the US, such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Broadway.


  • NFL 2018 Season


Football fans will be glad to learn the NFL season will start once again on September 6th and will run until December 30th, 2018. It will mark the 99th season of the National Football League, with the Super Bowl Lll champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, hosting the kick-off game against the Atlanta Falcons. The season will then conclude the Super Bowl Llll on February 3rd, 2019 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.


  • 2018 World Series


The 2018 World Series is scheduled to start on October 23rd, and will be played in the home cities of National and American Leagues playoff winners. Every baseball team will each play four division opponents 19 times each, which means they will need to play 76 games throughout the season.

The World Series is a must-watch for passionate baseball fans and has been since the first series in 1903. Every fan will be dreaming of their team taking home the Commissioner’s Trophy. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, or Los Angeles Dodgers, you’ll find all the tickets you’ll need for the World Series at ticketsales.com.


  • The 2018 Ryder Cup


Golf’s greatest event, the Ryder Cup, will make its return on September 28th, 2018, offering three-days on non-stop sporting action from the best players in the sport. This year the 42nd annual match play event will be held in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Île-de-France, France, at the Albatros Course of Le Golf National.

The United States will definitely have a point to prove, as they are the defending champions. However, their European record isn’t great, as they have lost the last five matches held in the continent and haven’t won the trophy there since 1993. So, could 2018 be the year they break free from the curse, or will the trophy be awarded to the European team? You will have to watch to find out! Thankfully, you won’t have to wait too long, as the event is scheduled to end on September 30th.

The Most G-Rated Super Bowl Halftime Show In Years

I was watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show last night waiting hoping praying that Tom Petty would break out in an impromptu jam session of “Last Dance With Mary Jane” or “You Don’t Know How It Feels”. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. He sang “American Girl,” “I Won’t Back Down,” “Free Fallin’ ” and “Runnin’ Down a Dream.” He played like he was in an East Coast bar somewhere with a crowd of 50. I am a Tom Petty fan, but when it comes to playing at a venue such as the Super Bowl, you have got to step it up a little. Play like you mean it. Don’t be conservative, let it all hang out. Hannah Montana would have been more entertaining to watch.

Tom Petty Superbowl

Speaking of letting it all hang out, this was the most G-Rated halftime show in years. First we had the infamous 1/2 millisecond shot of Janet Jacksons boob that probably never would have garnered much attention if it weren’t for people rewinding and slow-mo-ing their DVR’s. Then we had Prince (who I am a HUGE fan of) standing behind a large curtain and casting a shadow upon it while he played his guitar. Too many people thought it resembled Prince playing with his penis. I thought, along with most other people, that it looked like a man playing a guitar behind a curtain.

Lastly, what would a Super Bowl be without those commercials we have all came to love? There were several mentions of myspace.com/superbowlads during the game last night. You can watch the ads again (OH JOY!) and vote on them if you would like.