Mel Blanc On Late Night With David Letterman

Do you know who Mel Blanc is? Mel Blanc is the guy who does cartoon voices. Not just any cartoon voices, but the looney tunes cartoon voices. Not just and looney tunes cartoon voices, but all of the (old) looney tunes cartoon voices.

This is a video of him on David Letterman around 1981. What a great video. It’s neat to watch this guy make all of these voices that I grew up with. 🙂

Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head

Or earworms as they are more commonly referred to. I currently have one stuck in my head right now. I was watching Smokey and the Bandit last night, (that’s how I roll) and now the theme song just keeps replaying itself over and over. It makes me want to jump in a truck and start driving east.

Have a listen:

It could be worse. I could have that song “Barbie Girl” stuck in my head again. Ugh.

LCD Televisions For $3.00. Yes, You Read That Right.

A Kirksville man faces a felony indictment after trying to purchase a LCD television for less than $3 by allegedly replacing its UPC code with that of a water bottle.

Reginald Newman, 44, was indicted Monday by the Adair County Grand Jury and has been charged with attempted stealing by deceit.

According to documents filed in Adair County Circuit Court, Newman allegedly tried to purchase a 26-inch Viore LCD television from Wal-Mart, claiming the UPC code valued at $3.16 was the proper code the television, which normally sells for more than $517.

Perhaps the real crime here is a bottle of water that costs $3.