15 Dogs With Funny Haircuts

We all do what we can to stay cool and comfortable in the summer, and it’s no different for our four legged friends. They have it worse than we do with their constant fur coat, so kind owners will often give them a refreshing trim.

And unkind owners will use it as an opportunity to give their doggies the worst ‘do of their lives. You can’t help but feel kind of bad for these pups… After you’ve stopped laughing, that is.

1.) OshKosh b’gosh this is terrible.

2.) Makes me wonder where Shrek is.

3.) Bangs are hard to pull off for anyone.

4.) Bobblehead or dog??

5.) Someone switched this dog’s body with a Sphynx cat’s.

6.) I don’t think he’s looked in a mirror yet.

7.) Doggie or dinosaur?

8.) I think the groomer got the instructions backwards.

9.) “Yeah. Thanks. This is great.”

10.) This unfortunate goatee situation.

11.) To be fair, top knots are in right now.

12.) You can feel the anger in her eyes.

13.) Okay this one might kill his owners in his sleep.

14.) The mohawks must stop.

15.) From teddy bear to tiny rat.

(via Madfruit.)

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